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I’ve been a member of Twitter for quite a few years. I just never used it. I didn’t have a phone that I could use to send tweets, and, from what I knew, that’s what Twitter was for. You’re out and about someplace, you’re bored, you want to chat with a friend, you send tweets back and forth. If some of your other friends were online they could reply to your tweet and you could have your own little Twitter party happenin’ in just minutes.

Pissed me off too. I WANTED TO TWEET damn it. I wanted to put together 140 characters or less of sheer brilliance and amaze all my friends with my wit and humor.

So Twitter kind of got pushed to the back of my brain and I didn’t think much about it except to hop online once or twice a month on the PC and see if anyone sent me a direct message. My DMs were non-existent for the most part.

Until recently. I am beginning to understand Twitter better. I now have a phone that I can tweet from. I love being able to zip off a comment here and there when the urge hits.

And I’ve discovered hash tags. God help all of you.

Did you know that you can add a hash tag to your tweet and MAKE UP ANYTHING IN THE WORLD YOU WANT and people will search the weird ones to see what else shows up?

And I have lists. I am adding to them little by little, rockers, bloggers, favorites, funny people, celebs (ssh, don’t tell them I’m stalking them), and more.

I’m bored. I’ve been a #couchpotato #doinglaundry #readingemail #readabook and adding a few new #bloggeropps and #giveaways. I’m out of cough syrup and quite frankly #bronchitis and #coughing #sucks. I think I’ll go #instagram play some #bingo and see what everyone else is tweeting about today.

Come join me if you want @KimAtLiah. I don’t bite. Much.

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