Two Ways Everyday People are Cutting Back on Bills

If you sometimes dread checking the mail, solely because you know it contains a multitude of bills you can’t pay just now, you’re definitely not alone. Constant bills are a source of dread for pretty much every adult, and those bills aren’t going away; they’re only getting worse. The cost of living, including necessary utilities like power and water, are increasing on the daily, but the reliance on these services will never dwindle. With many people, including those who are educated and have “good on paper” jobs failing to make a living wage, even families with two incomes are struggling to stay afloat. 

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So what can you do to cut back on bills when those bills are for things you need? It’s not like you can just forego having power in your house. I mean, you CAN but you’ll most likely be miserable!

Luckily, there are a variety of goods and services on the market these days geared towards young people and working-class folks who don’t have a lot of spare cash, who need a little extra help getting their bills paid. We’ve outlined a couple of these below. 

Prepaid Phone Service

Prepaid phones are nothing new – they’ve been around for close to twenty years now – but the way prepaid services function has evolved, to much greater benefits for the customer. Gone (mostly) are the days where you had to pay by the minute, only being able to use your phone for free after 10pm at night or during an emergency. Most phone services no longer force you to pay for each text or allow you only a handful of minutes to last an entire month. These days, prepaid unlimited plans exist on pretty much every platform, including unlimited data and other features like mobile hotspots and 4G service that other phone providers offer. 

Even buying a phone itself is easier now, with iPhone and Android phones offered at cheaper prices and even payment plans for those who don’t have stellar credit. 

Prepaid Electricity

This is a fairly new thing, but one that’s a pretty great idea. One of the biggest sources of stress when it comes to bills is the power bill. It always seems to be the highest when money is the tightest – those winter months right near Christmas, or in the dead of summer when you’re trying to budget for vacations and extra food costs because the kids are home. Paying an exorbitant power bill is a huge source of stress for working adults. 

Prepaid electricity can help with that. No credit check is involved, no deposit or contract, and you can prepay for your electric service with as little as twenty bucks. Many areas are now offering this service, like Dallas prepaid electricity and more. Best of all, in addition to the money-saving aspect, prepaid electricity is better for the environment, too, as it urges consumers to use less electricity on the daily. 

These are just two ways that young people and the working class are staying on top of their bills without having to give up basic necessities. Prepaying for things like phones and electricity are just a couple of ways you can cut down on your living costs. There are so many more smart ideas to look into!

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