Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: How To Get Her What She Really Wants

Mother’s Day gifts are relatively easy to come by; restaurants, florists and stores aplenty run advertisements or specials. What really matters, however, is not the gift but what it conveys to your mother. For example, a lunch date may be exactly what she wants because it means she gets quality time with you. You know your mother well. What does she want?

Quality Time

One thing many mothers wish they had more of from their children is quality time. So, why not give that on Mother’s Day? If your mother is close by, take her to do an activity she will enjoy—even if you may find it boring. It means a lot to her that you are willing to enter her world. Golf, bowling, a bookstore reading or signing are some ideas. Don’t worry about so much about doing it on Mother’s Day itself as long as she knows you have plans. If your mother lives too far away for such activities, commit to calling her and spending quality time with her that way. Video chat is also a great option. Quality time can also be conveyed through gifts such as a scrapbook of your favorite memories or vacations with her.

What She Would Not Splurge on for Herself

Maybe you already spend a lot of time with your mother, and you know she spends freely on other people but not herself. She works hard and her body aches. In such a case, a massage or day at the spa may be the perfect gift—one she would never splurge on for herself.

Clothes, jewelry, furniture, and technological upgrades could be some examples of products she buys for other people but needs for herself.

Follow Her Wishes

If your mother has insistently said what she wants you to give her (for example, a donation to her favorite charity or a gift card to a certain retailer), then by all means follow her wishes. Chances are, however, she still wants something small and thoughtful. Buy her a little something extra or offer a homemade gift such as cookies or a scrapbook.

You could also fix something of hers that has broken. The Internet has everything from replacement parts for a 5 quart KitchenAid mixer to the tiny screws she needs to fix her reading glasses. Think outside the box, and you may really impress her.

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to show your mother that you love her. Demonstrate through your gift that you understand and appreciate her. Use what you know about her to determine if she could most benefit from quality time or a more-tangible product or service.

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