Update on Teri Hardy, Fraudulent Blogger


We would like to thank everyone who has provided information on the prizes that they have not received from several of Teri Hardy’s blogs; namely – Motherhood Defined (formerly known as Mom to Bed by 8), The Iowa Mom, and Mom Powered Media. Here are the giveaway winners that reported their prize packages were never received and that Teri Hardy refused to respond to their repeated attempts to contact her about collecting their prizes.

We’ve created a Pinterest board where these giveaways are located. If you have information you would like to add to it as well – email me at LifeInAHouse@outlook.com for an invite.


Lyndsey won the #GobblingGiftCards Target Gift Card giveaway that ended 11/13/2014. She received email on 11/19/2014 indicating that she won the giveaway. Still has not received her gift card and has documentation of repeated attempts to contact Teri Hardy regarding the status.


Penni won the Celebrating Motherhood Giveaway grand prize worth over $900. She has received none of the prizes offered – not one – even though Teri Hardy emailed her and informed her she won. She has attempted to get in touch with Teri about this matter several times and she has failed to respond.

We would love to hear from the daily winners to confirm/deny that they received their prizes.


Lily won the KitchenAid Artisan Design Collection Stand Mixer Giveaway at a value of $429.99 which ended on 7/14/2014 and was hosted by Mom to Bed by 9 and Iowa Mom (both Teri Hardy blogs). After complaints of fraud, Teri changed the name of the giveaway to KitchenAid Artisan Design Collection Stand Mixer Giveaway #SummerDreams. Lily still has not received her mixer.

Lenova Yoga Tablet 10 HD+

Tara won the Top 5 Gifts for Teen Girls Lenova Yoga Tablet 10 Giveaway valued at $249. Never received it.


Tara won the Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Giveaway and never received that prize either valued at $29.

Image Not Available – Post Deleted

Courtney won the Hatley’s Pajamas Giveaway hosted by Mom Powered Media in November 2014 for a pair of kid’s pajamas valued at $40. She’s never received the pajamas and the post has been removed from the MPM website.


Bonnie won the Happy Housewarming Must Have! Dyson DC23 TurbineHead Canister Vacuum Giveaway from Mom to Bed by 8 and Iowa Mom – both Teri Hardy blogs – and never received her vacuum. This giveaway was held in 2012. Long line of fraud if you ask this blogger.


Amanda won the Shopkins Playdate Prize Package Sweepstakes hosted by Mom to Bed by 8 and never received her prize package. She received notice of winning on 9/8/2014 and is still waiting for her package valued between $30 and $40. She also entered several other giveaways in prior years and never received her prizes.


Chrissy won a $250 Visa gift card from the #GiveBackOctober Twitter party that was held 10/27/2014 from 8PM to 9PM ET. She’s never received it.


Heather won the Giddy Up ‘n Go Pony Giveaway valued at $90. She never received the pony.


Amanda won this $100 Sweepstakes Fanatics Amazon Giveaway posted 12/1/2014. She never received her gift card and emails were never responded to after the initial “you’ve won” email.

Other Reported Fraudulent Behavior by Teri Hardy

Rude Mom / Cyndee Wells Auction

Elizabeth paid $200 for a 3 month “Mentor Me” Package that Teri Hardy offered in the Cyndee Wells auction. She never received the full mentor me package offered; instead Teri placed her on all giveaways. In addition, she purchased a MPM2015 conference ticket that has not been refunded either.

Sharon offered 3 Thirty-One bags for the Cyndee Wells (Rude Mom) auction. She never received the winners information although there were bids on all 4 of the bags.

Autumn won the Sponge Bob Squarepants “You’re Fired” DVD ($7) in the Rude Mom/Cyndee Wells Auction and never received it.

Renee offered a few Nook Simple Touch tablets ( brand new and unopened ) to help raise money. She does not remember who won the actual auctions by knows the winners never received the Nooks.

Mom Powered Media #MPM2015 Conference

Maureen was an ambassador for the MPM2015 conference and purchased a ticket for the conference at $150. She’s requested a refund twice and has still not received it.

Bloggers Employed by Mom Powered Media

Patti is out $500. She was employed by Teri to write for Mom to Bed by 8. She wrote several posts and was never compensated for the posts as agreed. Teri changed the author name on the posts to her own and has refused to take them off the website after repeated attempts to contact her have been ignored. Patti also won a Hello Kitty silver necklace in the Cyndee Wells auction but was told the person who offered the necklace did not ship to Canada. So Teri later told Patti that she would have the necklace shipped to her directly and she would then ship it to Patti herself. It was never mailed.

Sharon won a position working with MPM in the Rude Mom / Cyndee Wells Auction. She also won 20 round up posts. She has not been paid the employment wages due to her in the $1,500 to $2,000 range.

You can read additional information regarding the fraudulent activities of Teri Hardy on our original post here.

To the businesses, brands, social media networks, etc. that are still affiliated with any of Teri Hardy’s websites and social media accounts – we urge you to disassociate yourselves. You still have time to save your relationship with other bloggers who are leaving behind anyone still supporting and/or doing business with her.

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  1. Has anything been resolved with her? She has, if I am correct, 2 new(er) blogs started…

  2. Thank-you for this update. I had been entering her giveaways for awhile but, as of your last post & some research on my own, I’m not following any of her blogs anymore. Although, I didn’t know that Sweepstakes Fanatics was a part of this too. I guess I’ll have to keep a look out for Mom Powered Media. I do know that many of the bloggers that used to be a part of her giveaways no longer associate and are doing their own. Wow, this is just so terrible that she took advantage of so many innocent people. 🙁

  3. Wow.. I didnt know she was shady. Thanks, I enter a LOT of blogger contests & the bad apples need to be outed & stopped from doing them.

  4. Can no one bring charges against this person? This adds up to quite a bit of money. And what about the sponsors? They have not brought legal action either? Little Tikes is not a small company, they haven’t done anything about this? It just sounds strange to me that nothing has been done.

    • She is currently under investigation Fee. Little Tikes has been absolutely amazing and stepped up and made sure that the most recent winner received her prize. As for the other giveaways – there are some where she offered a prize that was never cleared with the company, that they never agreed to provide. 🙁

      • I started entering giveaways about 3 or 4 years ago. I had to follow her for a giveaway entry, and have been following ever since. It seems she has been in with these particular bloggers since I started entering giveaways. Should I not follow her anymore, or the other bloggers. Do you think they are scammers too, or do you think they’re clueless?

        • No Fee … I’m sure that the other bloggers either (a) are unaware of what is going on or (b) are waiting until their current events listed with her are finished to disassociate with her. There are, unfortunately, those that think what she is doing is not wrong or they are giving her the benefit of the doubt when she tells them whatever excuses she concocts. I cannot tell you what to do, but if it were me – personally – I would not waste my time on any of her giveaways that she hosts or runs on any of her websites. The amount of time that goes into entering some giveaways – especially those with daily options – just isn’t worth it when you stand a 50/50 chance of NOT receiving the giveaway prize even if you do win.
          Look at the MPM 2015 Giveaway that she ran from 4/3 to 7/3. The giveaway has been over for almost a month now – and STILL no winners have been reported (http://mompoweredmedia.com/mpm-2015-2500-sweepstakes/). There was supposed to be one grand prize winner who would win $2500 and 13 weekly winners. Nobody has been notified (we’ve asked) and nothing has been reported on the post yet. That’s one giveaway event that a LOT of people helped to promote – paid to have their links included on the giveaway widget – and a LOT of people entered because let’s face it – who couldn’t use an extra $2,500 especially with last minute summer vacations and school shopping?

  5. My question is, what are the laws for this type of thing? With all this evidence and people willing to be witnesses to the fraud she’s committed, could the police not be involved with this?

    • They are Amanda. She is under investigation by the Attorney General’s office in Iowa, where she lives. My service is simply to warn other bloggers and sweepstakes entrants not to fall victim while the investigation is ongoing.

  6. There’s nothing illegal about re-posting information, especially if it’s public record. Given the massive amount of wrongdoing this blogger has engaged in, I find it more than appropriate for all of the information to be posted and brought to the attention of people who would otherwise be unsuspecting. This is not simply a case of a few missing sweeps items, this is a giant, fraudulent ring of activity, that according to PUBLIC record has occurred before, and sadly now involves not only a deceased blogger but her child as well. In addition, Kim IS taking the appropriate steps and HAS asked others to do so as well. In her own words on the original Scam post, “My next course of action is to file an internet fraud complaint with the FBI, which I suggest all of you who have been taken advantage of do as well. You can find that here.”