Update on the Little Guy

Well my little guy is out of the woods, finally. For those who weren’t following along, he came home on Tuesday and said his stomach was hurting. Being the wonderful parents we are, we assumed he was constipated because he had been eating mac ‘n cheese like it was going out of style. Got up and went to school Wednesday morning. He wasn’t all that perky – not his usual self – but said he was okay. Came home Wednesday night and was M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E. He started to run a slight temperature around 4PM and by 5PM he was tossing his cookies (well, in this case, the vegetable soup he had for lunch on Tuesday) all over the bathroom floor.

Not fun to clean up I can tell you that. Why is it that the Mom is always the one who gets saddled with the cleanup? I’m curious. You mom’s out there – do your Man Things clean up the kids’ vomit every now and then? Give a girl some hope here…

Anywho, he spent all night Wednesday throwing up and feeling rotten. He finally fell asleep and slept for about 5 hours. When he woke up Thursday morning, he wanted to go to school. He still felt a little warm but said he was hungry, so I made him some toast. He took two bites and threw up all over the place again.

So I had company yesterday. He snuggled in bed with me all day long (actually he had a death grip around my neck and only let go long enough to vomit in his bowl and allow me to get up and clean it out and then the death grip was on again) and started to come around again around 6PM last night.

I made a call to his pediatrician yesterday morning and she said not to give him anything at all to eat or drink until an hour after he finished vomiting. At that time we could introduce ice chips and, if he could tolerate those, then we could give him some flat 7-Up or Pedialyte. Under no circumstances, however, was he to have any food until 8 hours after he last vomited. She wanted to be sure he could keep down the liquids first. (Tre gets dehydrated extremely quickly and in his almost 6 short years he’s had to have an IV three times now because of extreme dehydration when he gets sick…that’s why we let him drink like a fish). We also had to make sure he was using the bathroom. If he hadn’t done a #1 by 9PM last night, we had to take him to the emergency room for an IV.

Well, after about 4 full ice trays later that had been beaten into ice chips for the little angel, we tried some chicken noodle soup. Jackpot! He ate the whole bowl (something he rarely does when he feels well) and didn’t cough it back up. And he wizzed! Double jackpot!

But still, I kept him in bed…babied him up…and this morning when he woke up he declared, “I feel GREAT Mom! Can I go to school?”

He was running just a teeny bit of a temperature but, since he can’t really miss any more time from school, I let him go. He has off Monday so if he gets a rebound of this bug he has all weekend to recooperate and Monday as well.

So off to school he went, in these frigid cold temperatures (it was only 3 degrees Fahrenheit here when they got on the school bus) with a note to his teacher telling her what he could have for lunch at school.

So we shall see how he feels when he gets home this afternoon. I am off to the library to print off some documents I need and then this afternoon I plan on getting the laundry beast under control again and screwing around in Paintshop Pro or playing The Sims or trying to jack a copy of the new Sims 3 from somewhere!

Ciao! Happy Friday ya’ll!

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