Upgrading Your Home Exterior

If you have just moved into a new home or are ready to make some changes to your home exterior, here are a couple of the best places to make a significant impact and create the home exterior that you love. 

Some are small changes, others are big ones – but either way, they will make a difference. 

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The fastest way to change your home exterior is to build an extension. An extension will change the exterior of your home and give you more options for decorating. An extension isn’t just a great addition from an outside perspective, though; it adds more space to the interior too. 

If you choose to add an extension, then be sympathetic to how your house looks now so that the extension doesn’t look like a new part of the house – but instead was there all along. 

Front door 

There are a couple of ways that you can change your door to brighten up your home exterior – the first is an entry door replacement, which will instantly improve your home exterior. You should consider upgrading your front door for safety reasons, or it might just be aesthetic reasons – either way, this is a great option. 

If you don’t want to do a full front door replacement, then you can change the fixtures on the door, like the numbers, the letterbox, and the handle. 


If you are changing your entry door, the next piece of the puzzle is the windows. Changing the windows to match the door is common for homeowners who are looking to give their property a facelift. 

The combination of changing the windows and doors will dramatically change the look and feel of your home. You can go ultra-modern, traditional, or work with a window and door company to create something unique for your home.

A huge benefit to having your windows and door replaced is that they are two areas that can save you money in the longer term.  


Most people forget about their roofs when they are thinking about how a property looks – but it is one of the most extensive parts of the exterior. Your roof does need to be inspected and repaired regularly – but depending on when the last time you had your roof looked at; you might be beyond that. 

A replacement is also a great time to see if you can add solar panels and start generating some of your own energy. 


If you don’t have the budget to have a full extension, then focusing on the front door area can be incredible in terms of impact. A porch can be for many things – you might opt for large pots of flowers, a chair, or more. 

Porches are an even better idea for those who have a front door that opens directly into their living room because it offers a space to take shoes off, like a hallway wood in other home-build styles. 

Garage conversion 

If you are lucky enough to have a driveway and a garage, garage conversions can make a massive impact on the exterior and the interior. Of course, the garage door will be gone, and that’s one of the most significant changes to the exterior. 

It’s not usually a good idea to do this if you don’t also have a driveway and one day was hoping to sell your home. Having no parking at all can reduce the value. 


No matter what season you decide to change up the garden – it is a great time. There are plenty of options for garden style no matter how much time you want to spend there. If you want something low maintenance, you can have something that is minimalist with a couple of pops of color. Or you can choose something that feels like a romantic English country garden. The choice is yours, but keep in mind that your garden will greatly impact how the exterior looks as a whole. 

Traditional gardens can look out of lace with very modern home exteriors like windows, doors, and more. 


If your driveway is uneven and needs some care, then a home exterior facelift is the perfect time to get it done. Driveways can be something beautiful and clean when they are redone. You might need permission if you want to add a drop curb, but in general, driveways can make a huge difference to the exterior of your home. 

One of the big things you can change, which isn’t mentioned, is the Cladding for Your Home’s Exterior, and there are a lot of choices there too! 

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  1. Thank you for sharing your idea! Also, consider adding a water feature to upgrade your home exterior. A swimming pool is the most practical solution.

    A swimming pool can make your home feel more like a resort and create a wonderful environment for parties and family gatherings. It can also increase a home’s value. HGTV reports that the average in-ground pool can up your property’s value by 8 percent.

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