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Good afternoon. I hope you’re enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday. We have a client that is looking for U.S. Bloggers who would like to workout with StrengthCrate. If you choose to review, your posts and review will be promoted and retweeted or shared.



Message From StrengthCrate

StrengthCrate™ is on a mission to help you Train Out of the Box.


Fitness is in our blood, it is the life we live, our social hour, stress reliever, antidepressant, call it what you will… but it is our passion! That passion is what drives every decision we make because we understand that the fitness lifestyle is about pushing through the tough challenges of temptation, lack of motivation, and self-doubt. It is where dedication and hard work are the only requirements and the payoff is the satisfaction that you are stronger today than you were yesterday. We want to be your training partner to help you stay on track and eliminate the excuses. Whether it is work, travel or lack of resources we want to make sure you are always able to push yourself to a better you. That is why we send you real products with functional value. We introduce you to new products that will help you grow!

There are no excuses, just results.


What Will You Review?

The G.O.A.T Crate

Nicknamed The G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) – this crate is sure to be a game changer! We hand pick over $100 worth of products ranging from apparel, training aids, supplements, and high value equipment to take you to the next level in whatever you are training. With this box there are no days off. You will be able to constantly challenge yourself in new ways to be the best you can be! Every month is unique, we want to make sure your always surprised and excited to get your Crate.See our How it Works Page for more details.

value: $150.00

The StrenghtCrate Affiliate Program!

The StrengthCrate would like you to become a member of their awesome affiliate program!

​Here’s how:​

  1. Sign up for free at –
  2. Once accepted, log in and find the StrengthCrate campaign and grab whichever links or banners you wish to use – there are 2 campaigns – one is for the store which pays 5% commission and the other is for subscriptions which pays 10% commission.

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​What Would We Like You To Do?

Fill out this sign-up questionnaire.​

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Promote and review StrenthCrate until December 20, 2015.

Include StrengthCrate in your Holiday Gift Guide

We are looking for pictures or video of how you used the products in the box. Please highlight one or more product in your post.

​​Use: @StrengthCrate

Please mention The Social Butterfly Co. and/or include one of the following: @SocialBttrflyCo or #SocialBttrflyCo.

If you have any questions, you can contact Mimi Hetlage at The Social Butterfly Co.

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