Use Frosted Glass Barn Doors to Make a Modern Home Interior

One of the most distinctive structures in most homes and offices today is the barn door. It is an alternative to swing or pocket doors, and they are useful in creating more space in the room. It doesn’t matter if your house has a traditional or modern look, Barn doors will elevate your room to an entirely different look. 

Barn doors take up wall space, making a place look larger and better. For instance, it could be used to separate bathrooms from hallways. The whole design is quite attractive. They are two different kinds of barn doors. 

Open Barn Doors

These are simple doors that can be used to block windows and light switches. In most cases, they are wooden structures. With the use of this type of door, no artwork or shelving is needed. However, extra storage is formed.  

Custom-Made Barn Doors

This involves creating customized doors with other materials aside from wood. Glass barn doors are perfect examples of this type of door. They are fast-rising options that many people are choosing for their homes. This is because it reflects light into the room as well as keeping it ventilated. 

Why Frosted Glass?

Frosted glass, also called smoked glass, is made of ordinary flat glass under intense activities such as mechanical blasting, grinding, or treatment with chemicals. It is stable in strength and durable in quality. It is a suitable choice for residential and commercial properties. What makes it so versatile is that it is available in several sizes and shapes. It can even be etched to transition from an ordinary frosted appearance to an extraordinary and elegant look.   

If you are going to be using a custom-made barn door, the quality/type of glass matters. In this instance, an excellent choice would be to use frosted glass. A frosted glass barn door will ensure privacy while still allowing the reflection of light.

Features & Characteristics of Frosted Glass

Below are the features and characteristics that differentiate frosted glass from other kinds of glass.

  • The surface is coarse with uneven translucence 
  • Transparent and allows non-penetration of light
  • Diffuses/Reflects light across space in all directions
  • Produces soft, beautiful room light 
  • Strong mechanical strength
  • Ability to adapt to heat temperature changes
  • Easy to Clean

Is It Safe Enough?

Frosted glass, also called dark/ground glass, has always been used to make everyday home essentials, such as glass cups. It is made under intense but careful processes to ensure stability. It even has a high-gloss film inversion on the surface to protect against rust. Combine all of these elements and you see that frosted glass is relatively safe. As always, the quality depends on the manufacturer, so it is essential to purchase your frosted glass from a trusted fabricator.

That being said, frosted glass is an excellent choice for barn doors over regular tempered glass because it does not break easily, has excellent resistance, and can withstand a multitude of thermal effects. Tempered glass, on the other hand, uses heat blasting and other thermal processes to make it what it is, limiting the range of temperatures it can accept. A little above its acceptable temperature and it begins to crack. It is still a safe glass, just not a good choice for barn doors.

Frosted glass barn doors get dirty too! Constant dirt buildup could weaken the quality of glass, and cause it to become unsafe. So keep it clean and maintained and you will have a beautiful frosted glass barn door to enjoy for many years to come. 

Different Designs and Textures of Frosted Glass

In interior decoration, frosted glass has been applied and designed in several ways. This brings us to the different designs and textures of frosted glass. 

  • Acid-Etched

This is the oldest decorative design of frosted glass. It involves the application of fluorite to the glass. This reacts with the hydrochloric acid, giving a clear or color float glass. Ultimately, a smooth, satiny texture is formed. It is an excellent choice for barn doors, railings, shelves, and workspace partitions. 

  • Sandblasted

As mentioned previously, different blasting processes take place when making frosted glass. In this case, sandblasting is done. It has almost the same design as acid-etched glass, but the pattern differs. The limitation of this type of frosted glass is that it is difficult to clean. It is a suitable choice to enhance privacy.

  • Ceramic Fit Silkscreened

An alternative to the Frosting process is using ceramic fit, i.e., paint. This would give a custom-colored and shaped design. Both interior and exterior fixtures of a frosted glass can be done. The sole reason why it is painted isn’t to reduce the visual appearance but improve privacy. Most curtain walls and bathrooms make use of this design.

  • Translucent Interlayer Laminated 

This involves using Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) or Ethylene-vinyl Acetate (EVA) to make the interlayer of frosted glass. Under this process, heat is applied, and an extra layer is created for the sole reason of transparent protection against force or heat. It is suitable to use for curtain walls, skylights, and exterior storefronts. 

  • Applied Translucent Film 

The most conventional design of frosted glass is to make use of Applied Translucent Film. It is easy and fast. It allows you to combine colors that will brighten up a room. This design solves significant problems such as glare, heat gain, and privacy. There are three main styles for this textured-frosted Glass – Black Static-cling, Glare-Reducing, and Mirrored. 

From the designs and textures, you can make use of any as deemed fit by an interior decorator. However, ensure it is a suitable choice for barn doors, and not otherwise. 

Use Elegant Metal Handles for Opening and Closing 

Having understood the use of Frosted Glass Barn Doors to make a modern home interior, you should know something else. The kind of handle to open and shut the door is essential. Not any type of handle would work. An elegant metal handle is an ideal choice for Frosted Glass barn doors. The glass is strong enough to withstand a piece of metal being drilled into it for security. 

Use Frosted Glass Barn Doors to Make a Modern Home Interior
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