Use These Tips to Rock Your Prom Look

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As you brace yourself to graduate from your high school and enter the real world, you do deserve an evening of fun and festivity where you will make memories with your friends to cherish them for a lifetime. Prom is the most anticipated event for every high school going, teacher. However, it is not the emotional or festive part of it that makes girls go all that nervous. Prom nights are known for being a glamour and fashion magnate. Although boys generally stick to the usual tuxedos, girls strive to put their best fashion forward.

The pressure of dressing your best for a prom night pus many girls into stress and paranoia and they are often clueless about deciding how exactly they should dress for the big night.

Start Planning Early

You do not have to wait for a formal prom invite to start planning for the event. These are pre-scheduled events that happen annually so you can start planning for it on your own at the beginning of the year. The biggest advantage of early planning is that you will be able to save up on a weekly or monthly basis, and by the time you are ready to make the purchase, you will have some good bucks to spend on your prom dress. Other than the saving bit, having a 12 month time window at your disposal means that can benefit from any promotions or seasonal sales and get a good deal during the process. Since prom dresses are generally expensive,  planning early is the best way to buy cheap prom dresses.

Besides that, having more time on your hands will also allow you an option to get a customized dress for yourself just in case the prom options fail to impress you or if you wish to design something of your own.

choose the right prom dress for you

The Dress

There are a dozen different styles available in the market for you to choose from. There is no one right style. What works well for one person might not work for another so go easy on trying to copy someone else. Choosing a good dress is not difficult at all if you understand your body type and pick a style that flatters your body shape and complements your personality. Likewise, avoid picking up dress that you are not comfortable to carry confidently. If you are not used to skin showing, go for a full sleeved maxi dress or gown. If you feel long flared gowns are not your thing, by all means, go for a shorter length option. Schools generally have a dress code that students must adhere to as well, and the dress code for prom may be completely different. Be aware of what your school’s requirements are before you shop! As long as your dress suits your body type and is not violating the dress code, you are good to go.

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Hair, Makeup and Accessories

The latest fashion trends are all about “less is more.” Nude tones, no-makeup looks, and minimalistic jewelry are the in thing. If your dress has already too much going on it, keep your makeup and accessories to a bare minimum. Necklaces are only recommended for off shoulder dresses. If you want a pop of color on your face, use it either on the eyes or on the lips. Making both lips and eyes bold at the same time would be a major cosmetic blunder.

Prom night has always been a magical rite of passage night for teenagers. Here’s hoping that yours is a memory that will last a lifetime as well.

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