Vacation Bound to Virginia Beach

Photograph by Bev Peeples. Find it at The Henderson Gallery
Photograph by Bev Peeples. Find it at The Henderson Gallery

I can remember being a small child, living in land-locked Pennsylvania, dreaming and yearning for the day when I would be able to live near the beach. Born an Aquarius, I have a “connection” to the sand and surf that I have never been able to explain, I only know that my heart and soul yearns for it.

My Childhood Beach Memories

Until I moved to North Carolina in 1986, the extent of my “beach fix” was the occasional vacations our family would take to Ocean City, Maryland to see my uncle or an occasional trip to Atlantic City or Rehoboth Beach to walk the boardwalk. One year, mom and dad took us on a “beach hop” vacation and we started in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and worked our way up the East Coast back home to Pennsylvania.

While living in North Carolina, I lived about 15 minutes from the beach. I thought nothing of taking a drive out to the beach after work (or sometimes before work) just to smell the ocean air and feel the mist on my face. The beach has always calmed me, centered me. Hubby feels the same way, and I can tell when we need our “beach fix” because both of us just begin to get all out of sorts with everything in life.

Virginia Beach 2014

So it is official. Sometime next week (we have not nailed down dates yet), we will be sitting at the end of that pier and watching the sunset. Breathing in the beautiful air and feeling the ocean spray on our faces.

In the morning, I will be woken by the sound of the seagulls calling me to come and play. In that fragile moment of time right before the sun breaks over the horizon to greet another day, I will be walking along the beach, playing with the gulls, and offering up a prayer of thanks and gratitude for this beautifully untouched moment in time that comes from God alone.

No distractions, husband and children still entangled in their blessed dreams, as I slip outside quietly. Undetected. Blissfully Alone. No phones, no computers, no bells and whistles to distract me from the beauty God will lay before me during the dawn of a new day.

Just God, Me, and the Seagulls. My little Aquarius heart is leaping with joy and anticipation.

What about you? What is your “calming” vacation spot? Where do you go when you want to recharge, renew and release all the troubles and cares of the world for a few days? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Hope you enjoy your vacation! I’m a NY transplant, living in Virginia Beach for the last 12 years and loving it! I love the freedom and luxury of going to the beach whenever I want,amongst other things! If you are still here, be sure to check out “Beachfront pops will fill the air with six magical evenings by the sea…the first of which, features the Virginia Symphony Orchestra on July 10th.”

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