Video Games and ADHD

My 13 year old is an avid Black Ops gamer. He spends hour after hour playing, leveling up, getting to the next achievement. He has a goal – to get qualified to play in the $2,000 tournament this summer.

Some parents might disagree with me, but I leave him be. As long as he takes care of his chores and responsibilities (including homework and keeping his room semi-organized), I leave him to it and don’t nag about his time online – that much.

Video Games and ADHD - Life in a House of Testosterone

Have I researched the benefits of video gaming and ADHD? No, not in depth. I learned a long time ago that every child with ADHD is different, and putting them into categories or expecting them to behave and act like other ADHD children doesn’t work with J.

However, I have read several really good articles that agree with my take on the matter. This article from ADDitude Magazine discusses how electronic games could actually help children with ADD/ADHD increase their focus for tasks that they find boring.

“There are several new games and devices on the market that may train distracted children (or adults) to pay more attention. Some connect the user’s brain to the home computer through high-tech sensors and allow the person to control the action on the screen, not with a fast finger or a keyboard, but with the player’s brain waves. Call it joystick neurofeedback.”

Another great article can be found here, indicating that some research suggest that certain video games may even treat ADHD in conjunction, or in place of, medication.

Each of our loveable little testosterone (and estrogen) carriers with ADHD are unique in their own way. What works for one, does not always work for another. What about your child? Is your child a video game-a-holic or a casual gamer? Have you seen a difference in their behavior, concentration, focus since playing? Leave a comment and let us know!

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