Walk and Driveway Heating – Outdoor Radiant Heat System

Winter ice and snow removal has never been easier

Following the success of indoor radiant heat systems, many homeowners are looking to enjoy similar benefits outdoors. They are using outdoor heating systems to enhance their driveways and walkways. Floor heating makes perfect sense for cold locations. This is the perfect alternative to salt and chemicals when dealing with snow and ice. Your family and friends will thank you for protecting them from the perils of icy walkways. 

Providing Easy Access

Anyone who has tried to make a hasty exit when it is snowing knows how futile it can be. If you have an emergency and you need to leave quickly, you do not have time to shovel snow. This means that using your driveway can be close to impossible. 

Radiant heat can be a lifesaver. The time that it takes to clear snow from a long driveway can be more than frustrating. A heated driveway will melt the snow quickly to provide a safe and easy exit.

Adding Aesthetic Appeal

An outdoor heating system can enhance the appearance of your outdoor area. You can enjoy using your patio and outdoor areas even during winter. Adding a heated deck to your outdoor patio will make barbecuing a pleasure. Your walkways will be safe to use and you do not have to worry about people slipping or falling. Convenient access in and out of your home will be very helpful every time you entertain. 

Installing the Heat System

Two main systems are used for installing heated driveways and walkways. A hydronic heating system can be installed. The other option is installing an electrical cable under the paving. The hydronic system is a better option for outdoor use. 

The system uses cross-linked polyethylene or copper tubing and a liquid that is treated with antifreeze. The solution is heated using a boiler that is operated manually or automatically. This system is more cost-effective than electrical cables that can lead to high electricity bills.

A Landscaping Project

The best time to install an outdoor heating system is when you embark on landscaping or an outdoor renovation project. If you have cracked or old walkways that need to be replaced, you can take the opportunity to install heating. 

If your driveway needs repaving, consider installing a heating system. Make sure that you get experienced contractors to undertake this project. Care must be taken to ensure that the tubing is not damaged by concrete or asphalt.

Enjoying Safety and Convenience 

Heated walkways and driveways have some advantages when installed properly by a professional. The benefits include protecting your pets as well as the environment from salts and chemicals. 

You can also avoid all the labor that goes into shoveling snow to clear your driveway. You can walk outside or drive away with ease. You can avoid the danger of falls and slips and this means safety for everyone in the home. Floor heating is beneficial when you are looking to enjoy the heat while saving on power. 

When you decide to install radiant heating, make sure that you talk to the experts about the systems available. Investing in high-quality products will be worth your while. 

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