Walk Like A Parisian: Making The Most Of The City Of Lights

There are few places around the world with the same romantic appeal as Paris. With stunning views, quaint architecture, and plenty to do, this beautiful city can make the perfect place for a couple’s break. Flights are often cheap, and hotels can be found everywhere, making this an easy destination to find yourself in. To help you to find the best places Paris has to offer, this post is going to be exploring some of the options you have. Some are expensive, and others are cheap, but they all promise to give you a great time.

The Art

Being a city renowned for its culture, it would be wrong to visit Paris without seeing a little bit of the art it is home to. There are several monuments, museums, and famous galleries which can all be found within the center of the city, making it nice and easy to soak up something different. A Paris Tour will often take you to the Louvre, along with other important venues for arts and culture, making it a great option for most travellers. If you decide to go it alone and tour by yourself, you can use blog posts to give yourself a good idea of the sorts of places on offer when you’re in Paris. If you’re into art, you won’t struggle to enjoy yourself if you do the right research.

Majestic Eiffel Tower

The History

Of course, art isn’t for everyone, and a lot of people are more interested in the history of a place than the culture to be found there. Thankfully, Paris has plenty in this area, too, having been around since the 10th century. From the skull-encrusted catacombs to the touring monuments, it’s hard to find a place with a such a rich and detailed glimpse into the past. Paris has played a huge role in European history for hundreds of years. This has created an eclectic mix of medieval and recent areas of interest, with some of the most exciting only being made within the last hundred years.

The Grandeur

Finally, being the capital of France, you can expect a lot of grandeur when you’re enjoying a stay in Paris. A lot of the buildings have been in place for hundreds of years, and this has created a beautiful tapestry of architecture from throughout the ages. Of course, it wouldn’t be right to visit Paris without seeing the mother of it all; Versailles. Being a royal palace, it’s easy to see how this place was able to become so intricate and complex. Hearing about it isn’t enough, though, and you need to go and see this feat of engineering for yourself if you want to appreciate its splendor.

Chateau de Versailles

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working harder on the things you see on your trip to Paris. While being a place often associated with romance, this magical city has much more to offer than candlelit dinners and breakfast in bed. It doesn’t take much to assess your options and make the most out of them, and you should be doing this for all of your trips.

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