Want The Dream Holiday? Here’s How To Get It

Almost everyone works to a budget today. We all know what we earn and generally, we work to a strict budget as everything feels so expensive these days. In the back of our minds, we think about everything we could want out of a holiday and we daydream about “champagne wishes and caviar dreams” (thanks to Robin Leech ha!) on our lemonade budget. Is it depressing? Absolutely. And yet here we are, we still do it! 

So, let’s take a minute away from our imaginations and start making them come to life. Harsh budget or not, you can evaluate your finances with Pigly.Com and look closer at your spare money each month. You can book that dream trip eventually, and you can do it without breaking the bank or getting into debt to do it. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the ways you can go about getting that dream holiday of yours. My dream holiday? A stay at the Four Seasons Resort in Bora Bora!

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Start Building a Savings Pot

The first and most obvious solution is to start building a savings pot of cash. Look at your dream holiday figure, then break it down into affordable monthly amounts. It may take a couple years, but you can make your holiday the best one you’ve ever had if you can do this!

Look At Your Current Budget

You have to get into the habit of budgeting each month and once you know what your spending is like, it’s easier to do it. You may be currently paying out for a number of things that you shouldn’t be paying for as you’re no longer using them. Cancel all of those subscriptions and save that cash – it could go a long way toward what you want for your holiday. Keep reviewing your spending so that you can continue to save cash.

Don’t Dip

It’s tempting to do it, but dipping into your savings is a bad, bad idea. It’s so hard to resist a bargain, but you need to resist dipping into your savings where you can. If you dip, you have to replace, and you’re effectively going to be owing yourself your money again!

Stay Motivated

Every month, you may have a little less to spend when you are saving for that dream holiday, but keep your eyes on the prize! You know you want to get away, and you know that you want it to happen. By stopping your savings, you’re sabotaging yourself and you don’t have to do that! Stay motivated about your reasons to save and you’ll be on the plane in no time at all. 

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You need to put some effort into your savings and your budget. If you want that dream holiday, you can achieve it with a little forward-thinking. These methods will help you to raise all the cash you need to have the best possible time away from home. When you are proactive in your approach to getting that dream holiday, you get that exotic location you have on your bucket list – and many, many more.

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