Want to Improve Your Lawn? Here’s How to Do It

Several studies have shown the importance of green spaces in a home. From reducing stress levels to boosting productivity and improving general moods and lives, greenery, including lawns, is an essential part of your property. A recent study has shown that matured trees and a well-landscaped yard can boost a home’s value by 19%. With these simple tips, you won’t need a lot of fertilizer, herbicides, or pesticides to grow a beautiful lawn. 

1. Aerate 

Your lawn equipment and foot traffic can affect the soil beneath your lawn, making it hard for the grassroots and soil bacteria to thrive. The soil needs air passage for nutrients, air, and water to reach the root zone. Therefore, it would be best to hand remove or use an aerator machine on the hard, compacted soil. Additionally, you can use aerator sandals to walk around your yard to create tiny air and water passages. It can also be useful to minimize foot and mechanical traffic or create permanent walkways to prevent any future compaction. While it is normal to host parties on your lawn, individual grass blades are vulnerable to traffic and can cause damage to the grass’ crown and upper roots. 

2. Remove dead grass and roots

The accumulation of dead grass and roots on soil surfaces can obstruct the movement of air, water, and nutrients. This can cause grassroots to grow along soil surfaces instead of growing into the ground. The roots will begin to entangle and create a dense mat. While this can make your lawn more resistant to drought, it becomes susceptible to various insects and diseases. You can solve this by vigorously raking, reducing your fertilizer application, and avoiding repeated shallow irrigation. 

3. Frequent mowing 

Many homeowners have the habit of cutting their grass every two weeks. However, this has shown to be insufficient for improving your lawn. It can be challenging to effectively trim your lawn when it is overgrown, and this can also cause scars that may take a while to heal. Consider trimming your lawn at least once every week to encourage strong side roots growth. Mowing your grass once every week is better because only a small piece of the grass blades will be cut off at a time, resulting in fewer clippings. You can also leave some of the clippings to mulch the soil. Online hardware shops like Ace Hardware Store can provide you with mowers that work this way to help you improve and maintain your lawn. 

4. Feed your lawn 

Applying lawn fertilizer is a simple approach to improving the appearance of your grass. Naturally, grazing animals recycle nutrients back into the soil. The removal of lawn clippings can lower the number of nutrients in the soil. Heavy rainfalls can also wash some essential soil nutrients such as potassium, so it makes sense to apply some fertilizers to replenish the lost nutrients. A professional lawn care service can help you obtain high-quality fertilizers which may not be available at the local market. You can also learn about creating a grass-feeding schedule to enable you to grow and maintain a stunning lawn and landscape.

Growing a lawn in places with too rocky, shady, dry, or cold soil conditions can be tough. Most grasses are not naturally designed to grow in such environments. However, these tips can help grow a beautiful, lush lawn to improve your home’s look and feel.

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