We Have a New Resident at 7187 – Meet Marty McMole!

Yes people, we have a new resident who has moved into the 7187 building space. He’s very shy, only comes out and about at night when nobody else is around so that he doesn’t have to deal with people or their pets. He’s very anti-social if you ask me – but I’m not one to judge mind you. Just that I’m the type of person who enjoys getting to know who my neighbors are you know?

He was super quiet moving in too. We didn’t even know that anyone was scheduled to move in – so you can imagine our surprise this morning when Molly and I went for a walk and realized that we had a new resident right outside our back door.

New neighbor at 7187

To be honest with you – it is a little discerning to know that our neighbor has made his home just inches from our living room window. I mean, you would think that he would have moved into the vacant apartment upstairs but noooo – guess he just felt like he needed to be close to the ground floor since he is afraid of heights.

This is our new neighbor – Marty McMole.

Marty McMole

I’m usually not one to judge people based on their appearance – after all – we are all born as beautiful souls … but I just couldn’t get past those Freddie Kruger looking hands of his! Marty is one creepy looking little dude.

The McMole Family Dwelling

He apparently has good taste in apartments though. He’s gone and designed himself a special hallway that runs in a complete circle around the bushes outside of our window. I bet he’s got tons of little rooms off that hallway as well. I might need to just try and forget the Freddy Kruger hands and try and make friends with him. See if he’ll let me store some stuff in his apartment. I need more space too.

Mrs. Marty McMole

I think that Mrs. Marty McMole is expecting. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her yet, but I saw Marty dragging all sorts of little nesting items into the house – so I don’t think it will be long before Baby McMole makes an appearance as well.

Just what I need. More friggin kids making racket outside my window!

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