Wedded Bliss: Selecting Wedding Rings that Symbolize Your Marriage

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There is an understandable air of excitement and expectation when it comes to arranging your wedding and that puts the pressure on when it comes to making the right choices, such as select the right wedding ring.

Your aim is to try to find a unique wedding ring that perfectly symbolizes your marriage and truly reflects the love that you have for one another.

Here is a look at some tips that might just help you to achieve wedded bliss, at least from the point of view of choosing the right ring.

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Which metals are precious to you?

One of the first decisions to make when choosing your wedding ring, is which metal is the most precious as far as you are concerned.

One of the most popular and traditional choices is yellow gold. You will find that 22ct gold can be a bit too soft and vulnerable, if you plan to wear your wedding ring every day. A better choice of yellow gold if you plan to demonstrate your marital status on a daily basis, would be to go for something between 9ct and 18ct, as they are generally more robust and up to the demands of being worn every day.

If you have a platinum engagement ring, a white gold wedding ring is the perfect choice to compliment what you already have. Many rings made from white gold tend to be plated with rhodium in order to enhance their appearance. This plating might not last as long as your marriage hopefully will, but you can easily get it re-applied to keep it looking great.

If you are looking to get a wedding ring that is in a style that is right on trend, then platinum will be the metal of choice for you. This white-colored metal is renowned for its toughness and durability, but it does come with a bigger price tag than a gold ring.

If you are looking for a viable alternative to platinum, consider palladium, because it looks similar but doesn’t carry anything like the same number of zeros on the price tag as platinum.

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Shape and band width conundrum

When you come to choosing the band shape and width of your ring, you will probably be surprised at just how many choices there are.

Wedding band profile choices include D shape, full, flat and concave or beveled and it can easily get a bit overwhelming to be faced with so many options. Just remember important points such as the bigger the width, the bigger area of your finger it will cover, so choose a width that you are comfortable with and then narrow down the shape that want.

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Meaningful engraving

Another option to consider is the idea of getting your wedding rings engraved with a personal message.

It is a nice touch to get the inside of the ring engraved, maybe with a message of love or symbol that only you and your partner will know about. Although this idea will add to the cost of your ring, it is the sort of personal touch that can really make a difference to your enjoyment of the ring.

We all hope for wedded bliss when we make our plans for the future, so start off in the right way, with a wedding ring that you really love.

Francesca Abbott loves a happy ending! She is a jewelry designer who mostly works with couples to design their wedding rings and loves to hear all the romantic and funny stories of people’s engagement. She blogs about weddings and jewelry in her spare time.

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