Weekend Without the Kids? Visit Key West!

Key West has a liberal and laid back vibe where adults get to let their hair down, but contrary to popular belief, it’s not limited to gay bars and college kids chugging beer;  it’s actually quite a refined and upmarket destination suitable for a fantastic weekend getaway without the kids, where you and your partner can enjoy a fun, lighthearted, hasslefree and quirky time.

Key West is a seven square mile semi tropical island paradise that is a little more eccentric than the other keys; in part due to its number of gay friendly inhabitants and whilst Key West is one of the most liberal places to visit within the United States there are a number of other places within Florida to explore that are great for a weekend break, if you prefer a more conservative and serene experience.

No Kids for the Weekend Visit Key West

Where to Stay

If you’re used to travelling on business, and staying in places like the Clarion Hotel Detroit Metro Airport, which is a great choice for business as it’s very close to the airport – but, perhaps not what you’re wanting for a romantic weekend without the kids, Key West is going to inject some seriously vibrant colour into your world.

Admittedly, Key West isn’t the cheapest of destinations due to its popularity, but one thing is for sure, if you’re staying somewhere fancy, of which there are many options in Key West, no matter how luxurious the venue, the expectation will be smart casual as most people will be in little more than sandals and a sarong during the day, whilst a summer dress in the evening would be advised.  In reality, if you ‘dress to kill’ in Key West, like you might in a big city such as New York.

Where to Eat

There are an abundance of fresh, tasty, seafood joints throughout Key West.  Just as tasty as the food are the zingy fruit based cocktails that Key West is known for.  Head to Sunset Point (at the obvious time) to find an array of street food vendors where the focus has a heavy latino influence.  If you’re looking for something a little finer then head to 915duval.com for some of the best live jazz you’ll hear in The Keys.

Where to Shop

Key West isn’t the place to go if you’re looking to shop until you drop.  Most the action is centred around Duval Street, and in reality, there’s nothing particularly noteworthy other than a few interesting souvenir shops and high street staples such as Gap.

Where to Play

This is where Key West comes into its own.  Whether you’re looking for a booze filled sunset cruise or a more refined stroll around Ernest Hemingway’s House, Key West has something to suit everyone’s tastes.  In the day you’ll find the young and old alike, pedaling through the caribbean streets on classical bicycles, donning their wetsuits to dive in crystal clear waters, or lounging by the beach in an upbeat hip beach club.

Come evening, Duval Street comes to life, and lively would be an understatement!  Here you’ll find everything from chilled Tiki Bars to wet t-shirt contests and upmarket hangouts to hardcore clubs.  Whilst Key West certainly has a raunchy side, it manages to counterbalance this with a very gentle, warm, laid back vibe that makes for a welcoming environment for everyone.

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