Is Weight Watchers Working Too Slowly?

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Many people who have been overweight for years falsely assume that when they finally commit to a program like Weight Watchers and put all their energy into it, the pounds are probably going to fall right off. What I want to share right now are some important tips about being very patient with your body when you start something like the Weight Watchers program. There are a number of reasons why patience and self-love are going to improve your chances of losing more weight and losing it for good.

Giving your body a break

The fact of the matter is that you’ve probably been feeding your body the wrong foods for years now. Your metabolism is shot from low nutrition, and your body is out of shape and doesn’t move as much as it should. To get your metabolism going you have to get healthy, and to get healthy you have to follow a program like Weight Watchers that encourages healthier food. All of this does not happen overnight so you can’t put that pressure on yourself to transform overnight. This is going to take a while and a whole new approach to life. To help you feel more patient be sure to take advantages of deals and promotions for Weight Watchers in your area so you don’t feel like you’re burning too much money while waiting for the program to work. Two places to look for Weight Watchers discount promotions are:

Track your progress and add some affirmations

So that you don’t entertain any unrealistic ideas about how the diet is moving too slowly, really track your progress so that you can see it clearly. Often people have a distorted sense of time and accomplishment. If you think it’s moving as slow as mud, go back to that journal and I bet that it’s going much better than you think. If you are losing one pound per week you are doing great. This is the recommended weight loss rate.

We are all impatient and hard on ourselves. So here comes the affirmation advice: Create something to repeat to yourself aloud or in your mind that affirms you are making progress, even if you feel doubt. Try something like: “I’m doing my very best on the Weight Watchers plan, and with dedication and patience, I will reach all my goals”. Or, “My body is taking the time it needs to lose the weight at a comfortable pace that is healthy.” Post these affirmations in your bathroom or kitchen, and repeat them every morning and evening to experience more faith and belief in yourself.

Above all, remember that your body is going through a huge change, and you must have compassion for yourself to get past the walls that have been holding you back for so many years. By being kind to yourself you help your body to release what you’ve been holding onto for too long. Sometimes the body is holding on because it’s really trying to make sure that this is “for real” this time, and that you’re committed to changing your habits and dropping the weight for good. Once your body knows this, then it will be willing to let go.

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