We’re Back! Friday Finds Edition 28

I know it has been a hot minute since I last posted a Friday Finds edition – not since October 2020 actually! We were busy with the holidays here at Life in a House, looking forward to the arrival of 2021 and the pandemic being booted out the dang door like yesterday’s trash! I’m sure y’all have been hankering to get back to normal – in some manner – just as we have!

Hubby and I are both fully vaccinated against the coronavirus now – woohoo! We both opted to take the Pfizer vaccine after hearing some not-so-favorable reviews from friends and family about the Johnson & Johnson 1-shot vaccine (which is what we were originally going to receive) and neither one of us was too sporty on the Moderna vaccine. When your gut instinct gives you a bad feeling – you go with it – and we are glad that we did! The only side effect either of us has had was a sore arm at the injection site for about 6-8 hours and then it went away. Hubby has a BAD phobia of needles and had a moderate anxiety attack when we arrived, but the young man who administered the shot got him talking about his job and as soon as he started to talk, zip, the needle was in and out and he didn’t even feel it!

We’ve been spending as much time as we can with our adorable granddaughter, Aubree, who turned 3 months old in April. She is such a joy to be around – puts a smile on both of our faces every time she is here! Still have not been able to see Amelia because of her mother – but that’s another story for another day.

On to the goodies!

I love TikTok (click to follow me!) and I watch the videos every day – always finding laughter, smiles, and inspiration! I follow people who have made it their mission to spread positivity and share DIY projects and quick and easy recipes. One of the young couples that I follow is Rachel and her husband who do these fun “Things You Didn’t Know You Needed off Amazon” videos. You can find them on TikTok at @rachel_meaders. Some of our picks are from Rachel, and others I found myself. Enjoy the deals!

Friday Finds Edition 28

Last but not least, I originally saw this bright idea in an email from Hometalk and then found the actual post on Facebook from the woman who did this in California. It is definitely on my project list for this month!

If you have exceptional deals you’ve found or a DIY project you are working on and want to share – leave me a comment below.

Happy Friday y’all!

Have a Great Week!

Love and Blessings

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