What Could Be Causing Your Bloat?

The feeling of being filled with air, or weighing twice as much without actually doing so, is a condition called bloat. It’s when you feel like you’re wearing a tire around your waist. You feel gassy, like you’re going to be sick, and generally so uncomfortable that you can’t sit or walk like you normally do. It’s something that we overlook because it usually passes by itself. But if it becomes a normal part of your life, it can affect who you are. You might not feel as confident in yourself, you could feel more self-conscious because your stomach extends and you just can’t focus on what you’re doing because of how odd you feel.

Blame it on the Alcohol

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Maybe, just maybe it could be your poor lifestyle choices? Drinking alcohol in excess is bound to cause trouble. You can develop alcohol bloat, which when your stomach extends, is filled with volatile gases and causes discomfort for a few hours. Well, it makes sense because alcohol is basically yeast and fermenting hops. You’re literally drinking live bacteria.

Although harmless for the most part, when you have become accustomed to too much, it can mean that your stomach simply has to make more stomach acid than normal. Now that you have alcohol, and stomach acid, as well as other things like food, sloshing around in your stomach, you’re bound to feel bloated. So changing your lifestyle and finding ways to detoxify is highly recommended. 

Indigestion, a common cause

If you don’t eat properly you could be causing indigestion, which leads to bloating. 

  • Don’t eat too fast! When you do, you’re asking your body to make more stomach acid than what may be needed. Allow your stomach to extend in due time.
  • Don’t eat too much! Control your portion sizes! Buying small plates can help you to maintain a smaller portion-sized meal every time you are eating.
  • Too many fatty foods! Cut out the fried foods and try to limit your fat intake. Swap pan-seared chicken breast for bacon, with your morning breakfast.
  • Eat more food that helps your stomach bacteria. Things such as yogurt, milk, and olive oil will boost your positive bacteria count, helping you to combat the bad bacteria.

Acid Reflux

These modern plant-based diets are very popular, but they come with a few hidden problems. For one thing, when you consume more fruit and vegetables you’re increasing your daily acidic intake. When you have eaten too many tomatoes, oranges, apples, and watermelon slices, your stomach will have too much acid. The acid reflux can cause a bloating feeling because the volatile gases caused by the acid, build up and up. You can vomit or perhaps feel very bloated for a few hours. Again, eating friendly bacteria such as Greek yogurt would improve your stomach health.

what is the cause of bloat

Chances are that your lifestyle is causing the bloating you experience. Limit your alcohol intake and find healthier alternatives. You should also not become a hardcore plant dieter and eat some dairy products. 

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