What Do Australians Do For Fun?

If you are moving to Australia, you might be wondering what people in your new home do for fun. Australians love to kick back and relax and they really know how to have a good time. Of course, any type of hobby that you can think of can be found in Australia – although there are some that are more popular than others.

Want to know what Australians do for fun when they want to relax and unwind? Check out these options below and why not join in?

What do Australians do for Fun?


Fishing is probably one of the most popular leisure activities in Australia and many people love to spend their free time waiting at the end of a rod for a fish to nibble on their line. There is free public access at almost all beaches, canals, lagoons and coasts which means there are plenty of great places to fish.

The costs associated with this hobby are the fishing license, the set of fishing rods and hooks and the bait and petrol. If you enjoy fishing, you’ll probably meet lots of like-minded mates when you move to Australia.


Another popular pastime of the Australian is surfing. Some Australians are very serious about it and enter competitions while others just do it for fun. Australia has an incredible array of beautiful surf spots, which means that surfers will have a lot of choice as to where to practice their craft.

Most of the population is settled along the coast and people of all ages love to surf, from little kids to teenagers to men and women. If you want to give it a try there are a lot of surfing schools in Australia where you can learn the basics before you take up this hobby.


What else does an Australian do for fun on the weekend? They might go for a ride on their boat! Plenty of Australians live on the coast and are boat owners, from small aluminum dinghies to sailboats to luxury yachts. Boat owners might take their craft out to go fishing, or they might just want to cruise around the waters.


This is a very popular sport in Australian and many people love to watch it or play it for fun. A cricket game can take a considerably long amount of time, so if you are attending one with one of your new Australian friends make sure to get comfortable and have a few beers to pass the time.

Lawn Bowling

This is more of a pastime that older Australians like to do for fun, but it’s certainly popular and known as a typical Australian hobby. In this game, each player rolls a ball and tries to get it close to the ball master so that they can dislocate the competitor. The game is played outdoor on a short lawn and all of the players wear a crisp white uniform. You’ll find a lawn bowling club in almost every city in Australia, even the small ones.


Australians will also typically host barbeques with their friends and family as a way of having fun and unwinding in their spare time. These can be small backyard affairs or larger parties in the park with many people. They will barbeque meat and seafood, drink beer and often play sports such as football. Other side dishes may be served such as fried onions, potato bake, salads and much more. The most common meats eaten include lamb, beef, chicken, pork, kangaroo and emu.

Most Australian households will have their own barbeque of some sort, whether it is a gas-operated one or a wood-operated one. Of course, during the summer Australians are conscious about bush fire warnings so usually a park barbeque will be a gas style.

These are just a few of the ways that Australians spend their spare time and relax and have fun. When you move to Australia you can join in with these pastimes and make some new friends!

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If you’re an Aussie, tell us first hand what you do for fun!

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