What Makes a Good Cat Bed?

what makes a good cat bed

Cats love to sleep, and they are experts at napping everywhere. You can find them having a siesta behind bushes for stretches of hours each day. You can read more about it when you click here. They can even choose to rest on your bed, where they can stretch their furry legs if you allow them.

If you don’t want their furs everywhere, you can get them their sleeping quarters. This way, they will no longer choose the top of furniture, couch, or bed as their napping areas. An advantage of having their own place to sleep is that there won’t be any danger of you rolling on them while you are napping. You will have the peace of mind that they feel safe in their own corner.

There are lots of options out there, but you only need to consider three components when choosing the right one for your furry pet. These components include shape, size, and washability. Once you find the perfect choice, then you can get into the fun of coaxing your pet to transition from the pillow to their new soft and fluffy beds.

Choosing the Right Size

The size is the first thing that you need to consider. Choose something good enough for your kitty, but not too large. It would help if you had something that will make them feel secure. If you happen to buy bedding that is too big, they might feel overwhelmed and uneasy. You can choose from a list of the best cat beds on the right sites to get started on this project. On the right site, you can see options that are warm and snuggly that your kitty will surely love.

Start by measuring the length of your cat using a tape measure. Take note of the length from the base of the tail to the head. You can add a few centimeters afterward. Select the same inch of beddings since the extra inches will make sure that your pet will not feel too cramped.

Note that the height of the bed matters. If you have an older feline that has issues with mobility, they should be able to enter and exit their sleeping quarters without any problems. There are cave styled shelters that are comfortable for your kitty. The covers will provide a feeling similar to that of dens, which helps them sleep better.

Style Matters

Beddings come in plenty of styles. There are circular ones, open areas, log styles, flat mats, caves, and more. Most pet owners don’t prefer the mats because they don’t provide the kind of security their feline friends are seeking. Many cats are comfortable in beds where they can feel the edges. This makes them feel safe, secure, and comfortable.

It would help if you opted for covered ones that will ease their anxieties. This is because most felines prefer to doze on secluded places instead of vast and open areas. The style should fit your pet’s condition as well. The entrances and exits should be convenient for them, and the less mobile ones should quickly get out whenever they want.

Easily Washable Beds

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You need to clean the beddings from time to time. You can remove parasites, excessive hairs, and fleas if you often clean chuck the entire bedding on a washing machine. Even if self-cleaning beds are becoming popular nowadays, you still need to do the washing several days a week manually.

Check if you can remove the covers and wash them separately. Make sure that you read the description on the labels and see the instructions for washing. You should avoid choosing ones that have lots of beads and tassels.

The tassels may be put for decorative purposes. However, they can be hazardous to your furry friend once they came undone. Some fabrics and beads may come loose while you are cleaning the bedding. Be sure to choose the ones that don’t have removable parts and designs. If you are looking for a handmade, eco-friendly pet bed check on catcaveco.

Additional Features to Consider

You may want to add sleeping perches. Your feline pet will surely enjoy resting on somewhere high where they can get a good view of birds and the environment. The poles provide excellent workouts for your pet, and they will want to stay there for hours every day. The tree perch is ideal for young felines, especially the active ones. It would help if you also chose a pole that will support your cat’s weight without any problems.

If you live in colder regions, you may want to get features such as heated beds. The warm environment will make your pet sleep comfortably, even if it’s the middle of winter. Heating units are also popular choices for owners who have pets with medical conditions. These conditions include arthritis and joint pains.

The price is essential when choosing a premium and high-quality bed. You should set a budget but not to the extent of buying cheap ones. The price range can be from $15 to $100 and above. Look for durable ones that can withstand scratching and biting.

When you set the bed inside the home, put it in a spot where the sun can shine directly on it. Your feline friend loves a warm, sunny spot, and they bask on it for hours. You can try putting the bedding somewhere where natural light can penetrate the windows.

A Final Word

Your cats will be more comfortable if they have a place of their own. Training them to sleep on it requires time and patience. However, if they realize that they are more comfortable and secure in their private sleeping quarters, they will surely love to stay inside their beds for hours. Providing them a clean and cozy couch will make them happier.

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