What Makes a House Feel Like Home?

Home is the most important place in the world- we all need a safe place where we can retreat from the world as let’s face it, life can be stressful. From ferrying kids around to stress in the workplace, there are errands to be run; so what’s needed at the end of a long day is somewhere we can fully kick back and breathe a sigh of relief. Not only is a nice home something to take pride in but it’s crucial for good mental health too. Whether you’ve just moved into a new property and are wanting to make it feel like yours, or you’re looking to revamp your current home and wondering how to tackle the job, here are some ideas for making it feel like home. 

Nice Decor

It’s tempting to use sites like Instagram and Pinterest for home decor inspiration- those enviable photos of spotlessly tidy homes with their all-white or grey walls, stunning mirrored furniture, and perfectly plumped pillows. But for most of us, this kind of look isn’t really feasible- light carpets if you have pets are immediately going to be a no-go. Mirrored furniture will show up all of the sticky fingerprints left by your kids and you’ll probably spend half of your life re-plumping those pillows.

Instead of aiming for showhome perfection, go for realistic. Hard floors are easy to clean. Wipeable paint means that any marks can easily be removed rather than having to keep redecorating. Shaggy rugs won’t show up every speck of dust or hair so you won’t be vacuuming three times a day. Your home can be decorated nicely while still keeping the practical aspect in mind.

open floor concept of living room dining room and kitchen

Homely Touches

Plants, artwork, travel souvenirs, and photographs all bring personality to your home. Particularly if you’ve kept the decor neutral, these are ways to show your own style and stop it from feeling like a bland, neutral box. Don’t hide away the things you love, showcase your favorite quirky pieces. Put your favorite books out on display on a bookshelf and make them a talking point, hang artwork you love on the walls, even if it’s not the same ‘Pinterest perfect style’ you constantly see. The aim is to surround yourself with things that bring you joy. 

Comfortable Temperatures

A home that’s cool in summer and warm in winter is always going to be the most comfortable. Good insulation and windows are the best way to achieve this – not only will you save money but you’ll help save the planet too since you’ll be using less fuel to keep it at the right temperature. You could go a step further and invest in hurricane proof window and doors if you live in an area that experiences extreme weather. Another way to keep your home’s temperature comfortable is to have the right cooling and heating systems in place, from central heating to air conditioning. It will depend on the climate you live in but isn’t something to overlook when it comes to making your house the nicest place to live. 

pets make a house feel like home


Finally, pets can make any house feel like home. If you’re unable to adopt a dog or cat due to your lifestyle, beautiful fish tanks or birdcages can look fantastic. Of course, you’ll need to consider the time and expense but it could be a great feature for your home. 

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