What Real Estate Buyers Will Ask Before Purchasing Your House

Selling a home is a journey. You are not just handing out a home to someone, you are connecting and building relationships with them. 

This is why it is a good idea to prepare for the questions they may have about the home. This way you can supply them with answers that will help them so that they can decide on whether they will buy into the property you’re selling.

If they see that you have honest and compelling answers, they may even recommend you to their connections who are looking to buy a real estate property or even when they buy their second home.

Here are some questions real estate buyers will ask before purchasing your home.

How Much?

home prices

This is a natural question because they want to see if the home is within or beyond their finances. What you can do is to answer this as honestly as you can. And then, if you have financing programs, let them know about it so that they can see if they can afford it. This increases the chance of selling your home fast to serious buyers.

What Is The Condition of the Home?

You don’t need to fear this question if you have prepared the property you’re selling before listing it. Of course, if people will live in the property, they will want to know the overall condition of the home. 

home inspection

Answer the question as honestly as you can. Tell them all about the features of the home which can match their lifestyle and interest so that they can be more inclined to make your listing among their top choices.

Where Is It Located?

home location

They ask this question probably because they are looking for a home close to their workplace or school. Aside from telling them about the location, cite the means of transportation, roads, and establishments around it so that they can have a mental picture of where it is located.

Let them also know about the neighborhood and give them a good idea of what to expect from their new neighbors and community.


When answering questions from prospective buyers take note of two things: information and honesty. The more information they have, the better choice they can make. They will also appreciate how much they find out about the property before purchasing it. 

Being honest about the property will be the best thing you can do for them. This will not just provide them with a sense of security for their purchase, you will also be able to genuinely help them decide on a property to buy.

What real estate buyers will ask before purchasing your home

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