What Summer Reveals About Our Homes

Summer tends to be a nice season for us as human beings, but it can be a pretty hard season for a house to go through. After all, there’s a lot the hot weather and never ending sunshine can reveal about your home. 

Maybe there are a few sunspots around? Maybe you could do with putting up a door screen, to get the flies and wasps out? Or maybe the problems are more like those below? If you want to be as comfortable as possible in your property this summertime, you should get ready for them! 

Where the Pests Live

We all have a few pests in our home, and usually they’re not a problem. They stay in their corners, out of sight and out of mind, and you can get on with your life. However, the summer heat can make them more adventurous. 

That’s why you should keep an eye out for signs of an infestation, and never ignore a rogue spider or ant if you spot one on the floor or wall. 

If this bothers you, be sure to get in touch with a professional to eliminate pests today and make a happier home for you tomorrow. And remember, it’s OK to not like the critters inside your home, but if eliminating them makes you feel bad, invest in their habitats in your garden instead. 

How Good the Insulation is

Insulation is supposed to keep your home cool as well. A well insulated home can maintain a consistent temperature all year round. If there are any gaps in the cladding, it can get both hot and cold, according to the season we’re currently in. If you get through winter without getting too chilly, the summer will tell you how good your insulation really is! 

Of course, once it’s already hot in your home, good insulation may prevent the heat from moving on. If you’re trying to replace it with cool air through the use of an AC, you should air out this ‘mugginess’ by opening the windows at night, and then keeping them (and the blinds) closed throughout the day. 

If You’re Lacking in Space

We tend to spend more time outside during the summer, but it also means we spend more time socializing, and buying things to come home with us. Say you want to host a summer party and invite upwards of 10 people; you might find it a struggle to provide a place for everyone to sit! 

And the garage is going to fill up pretty quickly if you host pool parties or spend days at the beach. Pool floats and toys, and items like deck chairs and windbreakers can take up space – and be very awkward about it as well. 

As a homeowner, the summer can be pretty revealing! Make sure you take the lessons it shows you to heart; it might be time to clear out your storage spaces and get a repairman round to clean out the AC! 

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