What the Colors In Your Home Say About You

What Do The Colors In Your Home Say About You?

Quite often you will find that people are drawn to certain colors, either with the clothes they wear, the car they drive or how they decorate their home. Everyone has their own preferences and that reflects part of their personality. Whether you’re aware of it or not, these colors that we select say a lot about us. Julian Charles have put together an eBook that details how the colors we choose demonstrate certain personality traits and why we are attracted to them.

If you were wondering why your home is made up mostly of one particular color, keep reading to find out what it says about you.


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Yellow is a perfect color for spring or summer that shows how creative a person can be. Often associated with positivity, if you tend to pick yellow as your choice of color, you are more glass-half-full kind of person and like to give out advice to friends and family. People who prefer yellow often enjoy having people over to show off their immaculate homes.


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If your home is full of grey tones, this shows that you are a reliable person and sometimes you prefer to blend into the background. People who prefer greys are mostly calm and can be indecisive. You can be a little too serious at times and like to be in control of a situation, but you have a fun side which shines through when you’re with your friends.


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Green is a fresh and calming color, so if you have lots of this in your home it shows that you are a patient, loyal friend and a faithful partner. You put others before yourself and you’re always there if anyone needs someone to talk to. In your home, you like to collect trinkets and mismatch your furniture.


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People often think that orange is like red and is quite a fiery color, but it means that you are a friendly person who likes to socialize. By using lots of orange in your home you will likely have lots of gatherings and parties, as you are a people person who loves entertaining friends.  


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Although a lot of people associate pink with women, men can be drawn to pink too. It just means you’re in touch with your feminine side. People who like pink are often friendly and approachable and this shows when you have a lot of pink in your home. You always see the good in everyone but not in yourself.


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Blue is another calming color. If you have plenty of blue in your home, you’re likely to be a bit of a free spirit and hate any conflict. When socializing at home you like to have your closest friends over for some drinks rather than a house party.


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Purple shows organization and creativity. If you’re a fan of this color, you’ll likely enjoy structure and routine, these are both very important to you and purple helps to keep your stress levels low. Your home is an inspiration to others and you are very house proud. 

Black & White

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If you find your home is mostly monochrome, then chances are you like the simple things in life, such as sitting down with a good book or just enjoying dinner with your loved ones. Your home is still beautiful and stylish, and you can always add a pop of color with accessories, cushions or patterned bedding.

Which color are you mostly drawn to and does this reflect in your home? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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