What To Do When The Power Goes Out

As the weather changes it’s important to be aware that the rate of power outages can skyrocket. The weather outside really can have an impact on how many blackouts you go through each season, and while generators can buckle when it’s too hot, they can also blow over when it’s too cold and it’s too windy. 

It can happen at any time, and even if you have the emergency phone number of the emergency electrician on the refrigerator, it’s important to know what to do when the power goes out. You may have things in place to prepare you, but you still must act fast to protect your devices and appliances and make sure that everybody is safe. It can be quite scary to have a power outage, especially when it’s during the night, as we rely on our site to get around. Here are some of the things that you could be doing when the power goes down.

1) Double Check Your Power Is Out

When the power goes out it’s important to confirm what’s happening. The power outage may just be because of a tripped switch rather than because of a suburb-wide blackout. Check the main electric panel to see about the Breakers, and then call neighbors to see if they have any problems.

2) Call the Utility Company

The next person to call is the emergency electrician if something has happened such as a breaker flip switch, but if it’s your whole street then you need to call the utility companies to report the outage. They’ll be able to send out emergency technicians to ensure that there are no issues and if there are issues, they can fix them.

3) Unplug as Many Appliances as Possible

You may not want to unplug your fridge or freezer, but if you make sure that you prioritize protecting the expensive appliances and electronics, you will ensure that the risk of damage is low. Power surges can damage sensitive equipment such as tvs and larger appliances like the oven. Flip off and unplug as many of the appliances as you can so that when the power comes back on there’s no initial surge that makes them all fail.

4) Keep the Refrigerator and Freezer CLOSED

Yes, teenagers – this means YOU. Your fridge and your freezer can keep things cool and frozen for up to four hours after the power goes out. If the power is out for longer, you can pack all the items with ice in a cooler to keep them below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. It takes a full 48 hours for frozen items to thaw out in a full freezer, so you shouldn’t have to wait that long but just in case you have a lot of cooking ahead of you.

5) Look After Your Friends, Family, and Pets

Make sure that you use cell phone lights to show you where everybody is. If you know that everybody is safe it is so much easier to manage. Pets, where possible, should be created so that you know that they are completely safe.

If you keep your wits about you and follow these simple tips, you and your family will be fine and the utility company will have your power restored before you know it.

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  2. If extremely low temperatures and strong winds are not uncommon for your area and power outages due to this are not uncommon, then you should consider installing a whole-house generator. It differs from a portable backup generator, and you can count on it.

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