What To Do When You Get a Leaky Roof

Your home is your castle. You should preserve it and protect it. And one of the most critical elements of your home is the actual roof over your head. A roof is there to protect you from the elements; it should also keep the heat in your home during the winter. 

You need a roof that you can rely on. It needs to be strong enough to weather any storm, and it needs to be one hundred percent free of any leaks. 

There are many ways that your roof can get damaged, with severe weather being a common factor. Birds can cause you a lot of hassle if they choose your roof as a great place to nest. Tiles can get broken, and if they get inside your roof, they can cause further damage in there. 

Areas, where items like chimneys penetrate your roof, are the most common places for leaks to form. Look at checking these if you are looking for the source of a leak. 

Professional Roofing Repairs

Look for a reliable roofing contractor to carry out any repair work for you. Working at heights can be dangerous, and getting the work right will require the right skillset. 

Shop around for some quotes before committing to a company, and check out the reviews from their previous customers. You need to know that your home is in safe hands. 

Make sure you agree with what work is getting carried out and how long they will take to complete it. You may need to vacate your property while the work is being done, so knowing exactly when you can return is significant. 

Do It Yourself Repairs

If you are confident in your DIY abilities, then you could fix small problems with your roof yourself. Many more minor roof repairs can be carried out by someone who has the necessary skills.  Make sure and wear rubber-soled boots to make sure you get a firm grip when standing on your roof. And before you go up, check out this guide to installing shingles https://www.spahnandrose.com/blog/installation-guide-for-gaf-shingles/. Try to find shingles that match the colors of those already on your roof. If you need to remove any broken shingles, be sure and take them down to the ground immediately. Do not be tempted to leave them on the roof while you do other work. They could easily slide off and cause serious injury. 

Once you have replaced the shingles, you will also need to replace the flashing around the edges too. This should always be done as part of any roof repair. 

Remember, if you don’t feel confident in your abilities, hire a professional. Very often, when a job goes wrong, it will cost you a great deal more to fix the additional problems that you have created. Roof repairs can be dangerous and complicated. And if a leak is not properly repaired, it could mean a build-up of moisture inside your loft, which could, in turn, cause wood rot and mold. 

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