What to Expect When Moving Into a Senior Community

Okay, I’m going to admit it … being of a certain age (cough cough) I have been checking out what living in a senior community is like. My husband worked at an apartment community for seniors 62 and older for a few years, and it was really nice. Only problem is – when HE could move in, I still had to wait 8 years before I could!

With the kids all having families of their own and moving on with their lives, it’s something that we should consider in the foreseeable future. So here are some tips if you’re in the same boat as we are!

Choose the 55+ Apartment Complex That’s Right For You

Active senior living communities are specialized places to live because they’re designed especially for the wellness, fun, and socialization of adults 55 and older. Architects, interior designers, and community-creation experts come together to create a place to live that is ideal for active adults to live out the second chapter of their lives.

Active adult communities are not independent living or assisted living; instead, they are simply gorgeous homes with lots of amenities for those who spend their days seeking joy and embracing life. If you’ve never visited an active adult community before, you might not know what to expect from one. Let’s discuss the qualities of these special living communities more in-depth.

A Sense of Belonging

One of the most wonderful aspects of living in an active adult community is that all your neighbors are a lot like you. You are of a similar age and at a similar place in life, and you’ve likely all gone through certain experiences recently: you’ve become a grandparent, you’ve downsized from the house you’ve owned for decades; and you’ve possibly retired from your job. These shared experiences mean you can instantly relate to your new neighbors and form friendships quickly and easily. 

Because you and your neighbors have so much in common and are living through the same life events, you may also find that they become somewhat of a support group. It can be emotional to sell your house, downsize your possessions, and move away from an area you’ve known for years. With your newfound friends, you’ll find you can work through the emotions that come with these big life changes and enjoy your life more deeply than before.

An Active Lifestyle Comes Easy

Adult communities offer a plethora of amenities and activities to keep you busy and active. You can choose to attend scheduled classes and events, or enjoy leisure activities on your own schedule. 

Common amenities in a 55+ active adult community include fitness centers with fitness classes, arts and crafts activities, raised-bed gardening, swimming pools, ice cream socials and happy hours, bocce ball courts, outdoor patios with grills, dog parks, theater rooms, shuffleboard, and more. The list of amenities available at various active adult communities will vary, but you can expect at least a shortlist of some of your favorites.

All these activities and facilities are located near where you live – either inside the same apartment building or nearby on community grounds. This means you may never need to drive anywhere for entertainment, unless you want to, of course.

A No-Maintenance Home

After years of caring for your home, or perhaps hiring someone to help out with some tasks, you deserve a chance to relax and not have to worry about the expense, time, and effort of home maintenance and upkeep. Active adult communities free you from these burdens so you can instead pursue any activities you’d like. 

Independent Living Cottage Home Living Room

Active adult living communities employ full-time maintenance staff with 24-hour-a-day hours to handle any emergency you may have, as well as repair anything in your apartment as needed. All you have to do is dial a phone, and you’ll be connected with experts who will handle any maintenance issue without charging you anything extra. This service is included in your monthly rent.

An On-Site Staff Who Cares

Employees of 55+ apartments are dedicated to your comfort, safety, and happiness. They want to ensure your experience living in the community is stress-free and peaceful.


These active adult community employees plan and carry out fun activities, oversee the day-to-day administration of the community, and get to know you. The best senior communities employ team members who learn your name and call you by it! 

Location and Lifestyle

One of the main purposes of active adult communities is to help adults 55+ simplify their lives so they can more fully enjoy their free time. One way they can do this is by choosing an ideal location to develop the community. It is this very reason that you regularly see active adult communities in convenient locations, surrounded by plenty of businesses, stores, and entertainment options.

Your city neighborhood might have put you at quite a distance away from things like restaurants, a movie theater, your favorite coffee shop, or a selection of grocery stores. Active adult communities are planned, which means the developer and architect carefully determine the best location for them, and then design the community around the needs of the future residents. 

Living so near to major roadways, your favorite retailers, and top service providers means you never need to go far from home. This is a lifestyle changer; you can spend less time traveling to and from where you need to go and more time taking part in the activities you love.

If you’re thinking of moving into an active adult community soon, we recommend scheduling a tour and learning about options in your area, so you can reserve your spot. Many amazing communities have a waitlist or limited availability. Don’t delay changing your life for the better!

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