What to Look Out For in a PA System for the Musician in Your Life

One of my sons’ has recently been making great strides and gaining recognition in his music hobby such that he now needed a good PA system. Inevitably, I ended up being roped in on the search for something that is not only suitable for what he needs and performs well, but would present good value too. As such I consider myself to be better versed in this quest than I ever was and so, if you have a musical family member or friend you’re thinking of getting a PA system for, check out the quick guide below.

The PA system you will end up getting will depend on your budget as well as who you’re buying it for and where they will be using it. Other than that, here are some more top tips on what to look out for in a PA system for the musician in your life.

What to Look Out For in a PA System for the Musician in Your Life - GBT

The Amount of Power It Produces

One of the main considerations when shopping around for a suitable PA system is how powerful you will need it to be. Your power requirements will increase with the size of your audience as well as the size of building it will be used in. Power for PA systems is measured in watts for its sound output capability which is mainly influenced by how powerful its amplifier is.

As mentioned above, my son who creates his own music and plays it from his laptop at school events has been looking for a PA system he can use this summer. He has just got the go-ahead to play his music at several local apartment complexes resident events around town, so he needs a portable PA system that is more professional but still affordable. In this case it may be wise to overestimate your PA wattage requirements to ensure you get the best sound output for your current as well as future needs. 

Design and Appearance

As the musician in your life begins to get more recognition, they too may need to acquire a more fitting PA system with which to share their talent. And so, another factor to consider when on the lookout for a new PA system is its design and how it looks. Formal or public events may require something more professional, while those for personal use or sharing with loved ones can be a bit more personalised. 

Portability and Expansion

Finally, but no less important, always consider how portable your desired PA system should be. Planning carefully for this can literally save you money, as well as your back! Additionally, as the hobby develops into something more serious or just more social, there may come an opportunity to expand your system so always consider buying PA systems that come as modules or fit in well with further additions to the set.

The tips above may not be the definitive list of buying a PA system for yourself or someone else musical in your life, but they can certainly help you to make the right decision. Hopefully they will help you make their day when you get just what they need.

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