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With free GPS phone tracker apps now an inbuilt feature of our mobile devices, it is imperative that you are in the know about the GPS apps and systems the market. It is even more important with the regular release of new ones in the market to really know if at all and how they are better than what is already on the market. The mSpy GPS phone tracker app is one of the leading brands in the market.

Generally, GPS tracking is used for tracking and monitoring vehicle movement which is one of the main reasons companies use tracking software. The other uses are for tracking family members, especially children and employee surveillance by employers.

How the mSpy GPS phone tracker works

It is the ultimate free GPS phone tracker and monitoring tool for all devices which remotely and stealthily monitors the target phone for real time and recorded information. This tool offers two main GPS features: GPS locating which is able to track and map the exact phone location and coordinates so that the person’s or phone whereabouts are clear and geo-fencing which is essentially a virtual fence to restrict movement within specific set boundaries.


  • Following and mapping GPS location coordinates.
  • You can easily monitor and track children or employee whereabouts.
  • Get detailed reports and maps of locations on demand.
  • Get information on route history, for a requested or desired period.
  • Get updates and location information even when and where GPS is not available.
  • Access all data information remotely and directly from your account control panel. 

Geo-Fencing is a relatively new technology and feature which allows the user to set barriers in the system such that when a device leaves or enters the defined boundaries depending on the setting, you get an alert. With mSpy free GPS phone tracker, this feature will:

  • Get email and instant notification in case of breach
  • View device movement history on a detailed map report.
  • Allow you to set unlimited restricted zones.
  • Get a detailed log of visits to monitored zones.

Geo-fencing is effective for monitoring children to help you in monitoring their movement especially where and when you cannot be with them such as after school, to a friend, at the park etc. For businesses, this is a perfect tool for employee management to properly use company devices within guidelines and rules to protect business confidential data and intellectual property.

GPS location tracking, on the other hand, will ensure that company time away from office or premise is spent on company business, ensure the safety of cargo, vehicle assets and employee security when in the field. Know where your spouse, employee, children or asset is using this accurate GPS locator to monitor location remotely, stealthily, and in real time for get logged routes information for your analysis.

Get this free app to enjoy the great benefits of GPS location on any mobile device anywhere you are.

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