What You Need to Know About the Best Travel Insurance for Australia

Are you planning to visit Australia? Wow! Can I say that I’m just a wee bit jealous? It is a beautiful country, not to mention one of my online besties lives there!

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You can find world-class cities and a pollution-free natural environment that is one of a kind. One thing to remember; however, is if you are a non-resident visitor to Australia, get the best travel insurance. Travel insurance is not as costly as you might think, anyone can afford it. Why would you need travel insurance? Keep reading and we’ll answer that question!

Suppose you’re in Australia, had a perfectly lovely visit, and when it comes time to leave for home you receive word that your flight is canceled because of this issue or that issue. Now what will you do? You don’t have enough money to spend an extra three or four days in Australia so where will you stay? It wouldn’t be much fun to have to hang out at the airport for that entire time! In a situation like this, the travel insurance company provides you with expenses and handles the situation, and pays you the money for your losses.

What to do if you are in an accident while you’re on your trip? Instead of paying out of pocket for your medical care and doctors, you can ask the travel insurer to pay the bills. This saves you money and the financial crisis you could have been facing is solved quickly and efficiently – thanks to your planning ahead! The same goes in case your luggage is stolen or you lose your passport. Don’t pay anything out of pocket – the travel insurer provides coverage to protect you from such losses and all the expenses you might be faced with to replace these items!

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Now you can see the need for travel insurance, especially when traveling abroad. Travel policies offered by different companies vary, but they should all include some key coverage points.

  • Lost deposits and cancellation fees
  • Medical evacuation / medical assistance in emergency
  • Permanent disability
  • Personal effect and luggage loss
  • Accidental death
  • Baggage delay expenses
  • Travel delay expenses
  • Personal liability

You should do your homework and read the disclosure statements when choosing your travel insurance company. This will tell you all the benefits – as well as limits – for each. When you are traveling to Australia, there are certain requirements to keep in mind to get the best travel insurance for Australians.

Travel insurance provided to a visitor visiting Australia may include an age limit. Age limit could be from 69-81 years. You will be asked to produce documentation of your age (such as an ID card or passport) so make sure that you provide the correct documentation when you apply for insurance before you start your journey. You can also obtain insurance when you arrive in Australia, but the process takes more time so it’s best to take care of this matter before you board the plane for your trip.

To see which company offers the best travel insurance for a trip to Australia, you will need to go through the policies and don’t forget to read reviews left by others who have used a particular insurance company. Compare prices, benefits, as well as the services offered by various insurance companies so that you are well equipped to pick the one that is most reliable and most affordable for you and your family. Last but not least, make sure that they are an experienced and legal company. Here in the states you can always check the Better Business Bureau to find out if a company is reputable. If anything you review sets of a red flag in your mind, keep looking. 

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I hope you have an absolutely amazing time in Australia and can travel around this great country with ease knowing you’ve got a great travel insurance policy in your pocket to cover your bum if necessary! Send plenty of pictures and hug a koala bear for me! 🙂

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