What You Need to Know When Buying a House

Every family, at least once, has faced the question – do we need a house or an apartment? There is no right or wrong answer since it is a personal decision based on your financial capabilities and personal needs. There are some people that thrive on the urban rhythm and prefer apartments, while others crave the solitude and quiet life a private home can afford them. When it comes time for you to weigh everything and think carefully about your future home, we have some advantages and disadvantages of owning a home listed for you to review.

Advantages of Owning a House

No big city noise. If you cannot tolerate the constant hum of the big city any longer, the lack of personal space, neighbors constantly having something repaired, then owning a home may be right for you. Even with a small home, there is room for guests, and if you want to hide from curious neighbors, simply build a high fence around your property.

Put that green thumb to work. While it is possible to have a container garden if you live in an apartment, it is not the same as having your own plot of land where you can plant a garden and grow flowers, vegetables, and fresh fruit for your family. Being able to connect with the environment in such a manner is a big draw for many.

You can make it your own. Fancy becoming a beekeeper? You can take classes and begin your dream with a private house. There are also the added factors where you can install a sauna or a gazebo with a barbecue, making your new home a wonderful oasis from the world.

Own a car? Living in the city with a vehicle can be difficult since you will most likely need to pay for parking or a garage to store your vehicle. With a private house, you already have your own parking area.

Multi-Generational Family? In an apartment, everyone is on top of each other. With a home, there is room for the elderly, the young, and the children. You can build auxiliary rooms as needed or add verandas off the bedrooms of the older generations to afford them a private place to relax and unwind.

DIY Person. There are only so many changes you can make to the internal rooms of your apartment before you run out of options – and then when you leave you need to revert everything back to the way it was. With a home, you can change the interior, the exterior, and go crazy with your landscaping.

Independent Heating. You can choose to have gas, propane, or electric heat for your home and control the amount of heat and air conditioning in your home while saving money at the same time.

Fresh Air. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – there’s nothing like having your own plot of land near the forest and reconnecting with the magnificence of nature every time you step outside your front door.

Disadvantages of a Home

Not having a vehicle. If you don’t have your own personal vehicle, you will need to rely on public transportation – such as the bus system, Uber, Lyft, taxi service, etc. In the county where we live, buses run every 30 minutes – although a few short years ago they only ran every hour and stopped at 6:00 PM. As it is, a 10 minute drive in a personal vehicle to get from the suburbs to downtown can take 45 minutes on the bus. So you need to be aware of the schedule and plan when you need to leave accordingly.

Lack of medical and educational accessibility. If you live in the suburbs, it will be more difficult for families with children to get their children to school, doctor appointments, after-school clubs, and activities, etc. Especially if you don’t have your own vehicle. Ever spend 45 minutes on a bus with a sick child? Not a pretty sight. There is also the matter of entertainment – evening trips to a restaurant or the movie theater are out of the question unless they are located within walking distance of your home or accessible with a personal vehicle.

Home Security. In an apartment community, you have many neighbors and many security measures in place to keep the residents safe and secure. If you leave your home to go on vacation for several weeks, the risk of being robbed is often greater. It is your responsibility to take care of installing an alarm system, surveillance cameras, motion sensors, etc.

Household Emergencies. In an apartment building, if the roof leaks, you call the maintenance team. In a house, if the roof leaks, it is your responsibility to call the roofers, plumbers, and whomever else you may need to keep the damage to your home minimal.

Last but not least, building a home in the city versus building a home in the suburbs or country differ greatly in terms of cost – including taxes, the price of land, and the quality of the building materials you have access to.

If the advantages of having a house do not leave an impression, and you disapprove of the disadvantages, you can always opt to remain in an apartment or take a look at Myrtle Beach condo foreclosures to see if owning a condo is more to your liking.

Where ever you decide to live – apartment, house, condo – the decision is ultimately up to your needs and that of your family and lifestyle. Happy hunting!

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