What You Should Know About Buying Glasses Online

Eyewear shops are everywhere and with minimal searching you will find plenty of them. With so many eyewear shops out there, you may find it a bit confusing to choose the right one.  There is no need to worry because there are professionals like those from Payne Glasses who can guide you through the process effectively.  

So, here’s what to look for when you go shopping online for your glasses: price, return policy, ease of use and customer service most definitely.  Hey, and don’t forget that you need a prescription before you begin shopping online.

Getting Your Prescription

You cannot order your glasses without a prescription. Therefore, you need to schedule an appointment with a licensed optician or ophthalmologist in your area. Eye exams price differs depending on where you go but are usually cost under $100. Once completed you get a prescription you can take to whichever eyewear shop you choose. Although you don’t have to buy your eyeglasses at the specific place you did the exam, you should ask for a copy because that’s the only way you will get it.

Make sure you check the prescription for the pupillary distance (PD) because most times it is not listed. If it is not there, ask for it.  You will need it when you are ordering your glasses online.

Sourcing The Best Option

Now that you have your prescription, you can check out the cybernetic aisles of various eyeglass stores. Usually you will look through the frames first.  You can simplify this process by enabling filters such as gender, shape, color size, etc.

Most of the stores will allow you to “fit” the different frames once a picture of your face is uploaded. Your selfie skills will come in handy here, or you use your webcam too.

Although this will only give you a single front-facing view, it will help much with the fitting. Just maybe you are unsure of the exact size; most stores provide sizing tools that you can use.

Once you enter the information about your prescription, you now have the option to choose from the assortment of available lens such as coatings, thickness, adaptive and others. The more options you add, the more you will pay in the final price. Check this URL:  https://www.wikihow.com/Buy-Glasses-That-Fit.

Before checking out, take note of the time your glasses will be ready. The normal turnaround time is one to three weeks, this depends on several factors, and shipping time may be one of the deciding factors.

Check the Store’s Policies

The store’s return policy is very important.  So ensure you check this out thoroughly before you do your online order. What happens if the glasses are not to your liking? Maybe the lens are a bit off, or the frames don’t fit well.  These are reasons enough for you to check the return policy. 

Different stores have different return policies.  Some will give a full refund if you are not satisfied with your order. Others will offer 50% refund only if there is a manufacturing fault. Some offer one-time-use store credit for the total cost paid; this allows you to try again with another pair of glasses or prescription. Some stores may only offer you store credit.

What is the store’s warranty policy?  Does the online store offer protection for scratched lens and if yes, how long will it take to replace the scratched lens? Is there a warranty on the frames and how long is this?

The bottom line is check the store policies before you begin to shop. If you find them unsatisfactory, then move on to another store.

Adjustments May Be Necessary

Once your glasses have arrived, you may find out that they need some adjustment to fit properly. If this happens, you can go back to an optometry office add ask them to make the minor adjustments. (Click here to know more). You don’t have to tell them where you bought them, just tell them you only need the glasses adjusted. It’s no big deal for retailers to assist walk-in customers; they are usually quite happy to assist.

In concluding, online shopping has made eyeglasses more affordable for consumers. Moreover, even when the frames are not physically in front of you it can be tough knowing which styles will fit well.  However, the process is simple and straightforward.  You just need to stick with the guidelines listed here and you’ll confidently make the right choice in finding the perfect pair.

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