What You Teach Your Kids When You Enter The Working World

With an astounding 41% of people continuing to believe that the increasing trend in working mothers is bad for society (and, supposedly, our children) it’s easy to feel like you’re letting someone down when you return to work after having kids. But, studies are continuing to emerge to prove the long-term benefits of working even when your children are young. In fact, a study of over 50,000 working adults in 25 countries found that daughters of working mothers were more likely to pursue long-term education and ultimately earn as much as 23% more. While it would be a stretch to say that one option is any better than the other, then, it’s certainly fair to say that working moms teach their kids a fair few valuable lessons just from heading to the office each day. And, we’re going to look at what those are. 

#1 – Hard work makes things happen

One of the main reasons why daughters of working mothers, in particular, are more likely to work hard for a high-paying career is the fact that they see first-hand how hard work can make things happen. This is the case whether you’re heading to the office after the school run each day or are attempting to run your own business during your free evenings, and it’s a lesson that your kids will likely pick up on without your even having to drill it home.

#2 – Asking for help is a strength, not a weakness

We all like to think our kids would ask for help if they needed it, but countless children keep quiet about their struggles. Luckily, the working world is a prime example of the power possible when you ask for help, especially where working mothers who are attempting to balance it all are concerned. In fact, asking for help from all angles, including childminders to take care of things at home or web design agencies like WebX360 to help get a business idea of the ground in work, drastically increases the chances of success. And that, in turn, increases the likelihood that your children will follow suit and proudly ask for help as and when they need it. 

#3 – Money doesn’t make the world go around

This last point may seem a little left-field but working, or rather the time that you spend outside of your job, also proves to your children that money doesn’t make the world go round, or at least that it isn’t as important as time with the family. Flexible working hours and regular vacation days that are now a standard part of any competitive benefits package are especially valuable in this regard, ensuring that your children see plenty of you, even once you’ve started working again. 

Working moms undeniably juggle a lot of balls, but the educational benefits for kids who witness this work ethic are undeniable. So, stop beating yourself up and work with your head held high, and your children’s bright futures in your sights. 

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