What’s Your Favorite Place?

What’s your favorite place to connect with friends? That’s today’s question in the July BlogHer NaBloPoMo, which I have signed up for and am going to do my level best to keep up with LOL!

My answer is two-fold, because I have two types of friends. My friends that I live near, and those that are not within a 25 minute drive from the house.

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Friends that I live near to – I would have to say my favorite place would be a living room, front porch, patio – someplace where we could sit down with a glass of wine, curl our feet up, and chatter away like magpies without being interrupted every 5 minutes by a Man Thing or a small person (aka kids, rugrats, curtain climbers, whatever ya wanna call ’em)! A park or a restaurant would be nice too; however, a lot of my friends know my technology addiction, and there is always at least one instance in our conversation where I start out a sentence with, “I gotta show you what I found on the Internet…” so yeah – we have to be “plugged in” when we hang out together LOL!

Friends far from home – Pretty much the same with this group of friends, but usually we catch up via email or, on the rare occasion when we’re both in one spot at the same time and peace and quiet reigns over the household – we might do a Google Hangout or a Skype get together. I would rather email or do a Hangout with long distance friends then actually sit and chat on the phone (again with the technology addiction thing). Who says you can’t do more than three things at a time when you’re talking to a bestie?

P.S. Take some photos of you and your gal pals hanging out with a glass of wine and upload ’em to Free Digital Photos please. Out of 7 pages of photos, only found ONE with a group of gals drinking some wine!

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