When Kids Scare You

J2010J. is my eldest testosterone child – and the one with ADHD and ODD. He is as sweet as can be when he’s taking his meds and we are alone, but throw another kid into the mix and he turns into a different child. Extremely hyper, excitable, and yes, LOUD. But that’s a given, and not what I’m concerned about today.

Today I’m worried about this sudden ‘blacking out’ combined with his blurred vision. The blurred vision has been an issue since September 2012, but every time his pediatrician checks his eyesight, its perfect – 20/20 vision – and no problems that she can see with that thingamabob she uses to look behind his cornea and into the back of his eyes.

J. fell in the tub on January 6th and hit the back of his head extremely hard. When I got to him, he was laying in the bottom of the tub, his eyes were glazed looking and unfocused, and he was twitching. He came around a few seconds after I arrived. We took him to his pediatrician who gave him a thorough examination and put him through several different tests and diagnosed him with a mild to moderate concussion. He was out of school for a week because of the headaches and pain. They gradually subsided and he went back to school and resumed his daily activities as usual.

Today while in the tub, he stood up from a seated position and claims he blacked out yet again and lost his eyesight. This is NOT normal. This is scaring me. A call will be going in to his pediatrician on Thursday to let her know what happened, and a visit to the emergency room as well to have them do some x-rays and see if we cannot find out what is going on with him.

I’m “old school” in that I don’t jump at every little ache, pain and ailment that my children come to me with. Boys will be boys and they are going to get bruises, scars, bumps and scrapes. That’s a given. Me? I’m getting older and I’m on the computer 24/7 – so my eyesight is going and that’s a given. A otherwise healthy, normal 13 year old boy though should not be blacking out and should not be having blurred vision at his age. Granted he’s a ‘gamer’ and on his XBox 24/7 like I’m on my computer … but that still shouldn’t be a major factor.

Will call the doctor and get her opinion and then follow my mom instincts and do what I think should be done – but one way or the other, he’s going to be visiting the emergency room for x-rays tomorrow or the eye doctor for a complete eye exam. Momma’s getting to the bottom of this nonsense – once and for all! After all, I don’t want anything happening to those beautiful brown eyes of his!

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