When Snow Begins To Fall…

Today’s Bloggy Moms Blog Dare is to post about when snow begins to fall. Not hard to do for this Pennsylvania native. I grew up enjoying winter storms each year that left snow banks so deep that I had to walk like a Russian soldier just to get through them from our house to my nana and grandad’s house next door. A normal 5 minute walk would take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes, depending on how deep the snow was and how frozen it had become since falling. We don’t get winter storms like that in Virginia. The snow fall here is few and far between, unfortunately. So when we are blessed with some snow from old man winter – I make sure to record the moment every chance I get.

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Typical snow storm in Pennsylvania. This is a foot of snow that fell in 2010 in Berks County, Pennsylvania with another snow storm dropping another foot and a half of snow just days later. What I would call an old man winter cough.

That same snow fall here in Virginia … we received about 4 to 6 inches … a catastrophe for Virginians, a fart from old man winter!

When snow falls in Pennsylvania, people continue on about their day. They are used to it. They don’t close schools, grocery store shelves aren’t wiped bare of milk and bread, and people go to meetings and to work, pick up their dry cleaning, go shopping – life continues. In Virginia when snow falls, everything closes. I will never forget my first year here in Virginia, snow started to fall when I was working in downtown Richmond…the minute our boss saw that the snow was sticking to the sidewalks, he closed the office and sent us all home. Three hours later, the sun was shining, it was almost 50 degrees, and all the snow had melted. Don’t even get me started on Virginia drivers during a snow storm. Being from Pennsylvania, I learned how to drive in all manner of weather – so driving in the snow is no big deal to me. You just need to use your common sense. Sorry Virginians, but when it comes to driving in snow – you guys are a menace to everyone else on the road. Actually pretty funny to watch too. From the window of your house. Away from the road.

When snow falls…that is when it truly feels like Christmas has arrived. It just doesn’t feel like the Christmas season until old man winter gives a good cough and blankets the world in white. I think its something that Santa and he work out. Matter of fact, time for me to give Santa a call and tell him all I want for Christmas is a good old-fashioned Pennsylvania snow storm in Virginia this year.

What do you think of when snow falls?

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