Which Genre Should Your Next PC Game Be In?

What are you likely to get on the search results when you type ‘PC games’ on your search engines? Hundreds of results will meet you, and you may end up spoilt for choice. PC games have come a long way, and we now have tens of genres that we can choose from. 

Some of them have been rated best pc games of all time: But the big question is, what type of game are you likely to play on your computer? Do they define different gamer types? We linked up with our expert gamer, Kevin Cochran (you can check his profile), who highlights the different genres you are likely to come across: 

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Simulation and sports 

It is a unique genre that simulates what happens in real-life based on certain parameters. The genre has evolved over the years to give the players an experience like no other. Advances in technology and graphics are responsible for immersive experiences that can be felt in modern simulations

A good example of a simulated game is Forza Motorsport. You will thus select a racer whose ratings are based on what happens in real life. Sports game developers have partnered with various sporting organizations to produce games that showcase what happens in normal fields. 

Action-Adventure Games

These are unique games that incorporate two gaming mechanisms. The game will typically have obstacles or long quests that must be conquered using an item or a tool that must be collected and an action item where the collected tool is used. 

It is one of the genres that Canadian players have fallen in love with. Finding a no deposit bonus in Canada that features Action-Adventure games is very common as casino owners understand the thrilling experience of such games. 

A good example of a game in this genre is The Legend of Zelda, which focuses on exploration, discovering loot, and solving puzzles. 

Action Games 

These are the type of games you should try if you love being at the center of the action. Most of these games come with physical challenges that the player must overcome. Some of the earliest games that fall into this category are Donkey Kong and Galaga. 

Action games also have different subcategories. For instance, Shooter is a subgenre where the player uses weapons to shoot opposing players or enemies. Another awesome subcategory of this broad genre is Platformer, where the player interacts with the platform through actions such as jumping, falling, or running. 

Adventure Games

These games are not categorized based on the content or story but the style of gameplay. Technology may have changed how we approach these games, but this genre hasn’t evolved much from text-based origins. The players interact with other characters and the environment to solve different puzzles that have clues to gameplay or the story. 

Adventure games can be categorized into different subcategories. Text Adventures are the earliest subcategory where a player could use the keyboard to input commands. Graphic Adventure is another category where players can use the mouse to input commands. 

Strategy Games

The world of online gambling has games that need strategy while others depend on luck. The players use well-designed tactics and strategies to overcome challenges in such games. Modern developments have made these games evolve from turn-based systems towards real-time play to respond to player’s feedback. 

Strategy games can as well be grouped into different categories. 4X is one of the subcategories where there are four main goals to explore, exploit, exterminate or expand. A good example of a game that falls into this category is Civilization. 

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Puzzle Games 

This is the game genre you should explore when you want to jog your mind. Such games usually have a playfield or a single screen, and the player must solve a problem to advance to the next stage. These games can be subdivided further into Trivia and Logic games. On the latter, the player must provide an answer before the timer runs out. On the other hand, Logic games require the player to navigate a challenge or solve a logic puzzle like a maze. 

Above are some of the genres that make up PC games in 2021. Some games will overlap in some categories, but you can categorize them based on the dominant features. Knowing these categories will make it easy to shop for different games and land at those that best suit your needs. 

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