Who Uses Drones?

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), popularly known as drones have changed and reinvented the world in the most diverse ways. This pilotless aircraft operates using advanced technology that takes it from one point to another.

Usually, drones are used in situations where the use of manned flight is considered dangerous or risky. And with a 17-hour capability, these gadgets have become a go-to for many people, in many situations, all over the world.

With the rising capability of these gadgets, a majority of dangerous and high-paying jobs in the commercial sector have been displaced by drones as they offer cost-effective, accurate, and safe solutions. 

So, who uses drones? Here are a few people that find drones reliable, irreplaceable, and effective:


There are many pros and cons of drones but the journalism and media industry seems to be reaping all the rewards. It is safe to say that drones have changed news gathering as we once knew it.

 As drones offer distinct visual perspectives, they are often used in the exploration of new reporting frontiers. Drones not only create opportunities for photogrammetry and multispectral imagery, but they also create powerful storytelling moments. 

Even better is the fact that drones are more cost-effective for journalists in comparison to the expensive costs that are associated with investigative helicopters that were used for the capturing of aerial images.


Drones have become must-have tools in construction sites because they provide construction teams with an overhead of the manpower, machinery, and an overall view of the job sites. Need we say more? 

These are all the most important elements of any construction site. Apart from this, contractors also use drones to optimize grade plans and record images. The fact that drones provide a bird’s eye view of any construction site, the benefits that they offer when it comes to construction, are unmatched. 

To allow clients to keep up with the ongoing construction, drones capture close-up images that are detailed and impossible to capture using a photographer’s or aerial camera.

Law Enforcement

Police departments have adopted the use of drones in protecting and serving the people. For instance, drones are used in mapping cities for pre-storm assessments. Instead of paying over $500 per hour to map cities using helicopters, drones have offered a cost-effective and much-needed solution. 

Drones also record before and after pictures of natural disasters. Apart from this, drones help in crime scene investigation in a variety of ways including the collection of difficult to reach evidence, the quick provision of 3D images including the recording of 4K videos when needed. All of this can be done in a few short seconds.

The truth is that, besides these three professionals, the list of drone users is endless. Drones are used by advertisers, infrastructure developers, insurance agents, airline professionals, urban planners, filmmakers, live entertainers, sportsmen, and a handful of other professionals who all trust websites such as Dr Drone to provide drones for their wide variety of needs.

 Today, these gadgets have limitless applications. Drone technology is being used for the betterment of mankind. Kudos to the world for embracing modern technology!  

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