Why A Shaving Mirror Is An Important Accessory

It is important to have a mirror in any bathroom and for men, this is especially true when it comes to shaving. You can find specialty shaving mirrors in Australia, a trend that is catching on well. These mirrors are available online as well as in specialty shops.

A shaving mirror can provide you with a whole new look. Whether you have never had one before, or just want to try something different, a shaving mirror will be able to accommodate your needs.

A Vital Accessory

These days, there are a lot of different accessories that people purchase to give themselves a stylish look. From jewelry, handbags, cosmetics, clothing, and yes, a shaving mirror, is an accessory you should definitely consider. Here’s why.

Shaving is an activity that men and women have done for centuries and over time, they have developed ways to do it more efficiently and with less pain. Early civilizations discovered different types of shaving products that they used for these purposes. While today’s shaving products are way beyond what was used many years ago, there are some items that have stood the test of time – such as a shaving mirror.

The Grooming Experience

In order to get the most of your grooming experience, you need to keep your skin healthy. When you shave, razor bumps can occur.

According to Dr. Cynthia Abbott, a medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatologist with Dermatology Affiliates in Atlanta, Georgia, the bumps occur when curly hairs get stuck inside the hair follicles.

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While anyone who removes hair can develop razor bumps, they’re most likely to affect African-American males. In fact, between 45 and 85 percent of African-American males experience PFB. Hispanic men and people with curly hair are also more likely to develop razor bumps.

For those who use electric razors, they can experience razor burn and a rash afterward. Razor burn is a skin irritation caused by shaving, whereas razor bumps are caused by ingrown hairs. Some tips to avoid razor burn and razor bumps are as follows:

  • shaving after showering, when hair is softest
  • always using a lubricant such as a cream, gel, or oil
  • exfoliating the skin to help prevent ingrown hairs
  • using a shaving brush to apply shaving gel or cream to the area, which ensures a more thorough and even distribution than applying by hand
  • choosing a high-quality, sharp razor blade that is clean and free from debris such as a buildup of soap or hair
  • shaving in the direction of the hair growth
  • use light, short strokes, and only use as many as necessary; over-shaving an area is a significant cause of razor burn
  • not shaving too quickly
  • rinsing the blade after every stroke
  • cleaning and drying shaving tools after use to reduce the risk of bacterial growth, making sure to use rubbing alcohol on the blade if necessary
  • rinsing freshly shaven skin with cold water and applying a gentle lotion, gel, or moisturizer, making sure to avoid products containing colors, fragrances, alcohol, or other skin irritants
  • avoiding wearing tight clothing or tight underwear after shaving, as this can irritate newly shaved skin

Why a Mirror Is Important

Having a good mirror is a great tool to help reduce the amount of irritation that you feel after shaving. If you use a mirror that has a backlight, you will be able to see all of the hair follicles as you work the blade over your skin. This will help eliminate any irritation you may feel by allowing you to see when you have shaved clean a particular area so you do not go over the same area and cause that irritation to your skin.

There are many different types of mirrors available to make shaving easier. There are mirrors that you can use in the shower that are anti-fog, there are the accordian-style mirrors that mount on a wall, there are magnified mirrors with two sides, and there are wall-mounted mirrors that go above your bathroom sink.

You want a mirror that will give you a nice clear view of where your razor is at all times. A good mirror is just as vital as a good razor when it comes to shaving.

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