Why An Extra Bathroom Could Be Just What Your Family Needs

Aside from the kitchen, the family bathroom is an area of the house that will be utilized every single day, by every member of the household. Whether you have younger children or your kids are in their teenage years; there will always be times when someone needs to use the bathroom, but can’t because it’s already occupied. It can also be a challenge to keep everyone clean and tidy when your only bathroom is upstairs. Your kids may have soccer or football practice, or perhaps they’ve spent a few hours in the backyard getting mud and dirt everywhere.

These will be the times when you’re dreaming of an extra bathroom downstairs, or an en-suite so that you’ll still have somewhere pristine to brush your teeth that evening, and your kids can get clean as soon as possible. As a mom, I think it would be ideal for a home to have a bathroom for every member of the house – and for every member of the house being responsible for cleaning their own bathroom!

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Downstairs bathrooms are often straightforward to install as they will be near the plumbing of your kitchen, and you have less to worry about regarding drainage than you would if you were building one upstairs. However, many ensuites to bedrooms are created next door, or nearby to the main family bathroom, so you’ll have options depending on what you want.

Why An Extra Bathroom Might Be Just What Your Family Needs

If you’ve been considering adding another washroom to your family home, there’s no better time to start making plans, and deciding where you’re going to source things from. The following are some ideas and advice for busy parents who are keen to add another space to their home where their loved ones can scrub-up and get clean.

Affordable Options

Remember that adding a bathroom to a busy family environment, should help make things a little easier around your house each day; not add to stress and worry through extra energy prices. Therefore, it’s worth looking into the more affordable options when it comes to fitting and kitting-out your bathroom space. Take a moment to learn the advantages of electric showers and how they can make an efficient addition to your downstairs wet room or bedroom ensuite. Keep your eyes peeled for sales and discounts on bathroom suites, tiles, and flooring; you can create a functional and stylish space that will give your family just what it needs, without breaking the bank. Stick to white, greys, and neutral colors will help to ensure that your bathroom doesn’t age quickly, and it’ll last for years to come.

The Best Use Of Space

If you have tall teenagers or large pet dogs to wash off after a rainy day outside; it’s worth thinking how is best to arrange each element of the bathroom. If you’re not having a bathtub in the room; consider using a wider shower cubicle with a raised base. Or, alternatively, you could create a fully tiled room so that it doesn’t matter where the water and dirt fly off to when people (or animals) are trying to get clean There are plenty of wet room ideas online, so have a look and discover something that will suit your brood. Keeping function as a priority will ensure that your new bathroom space is just what your family needs.

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