Why Call an Emergency Plumber When You Have Plumbing Issues? Here’s Why.

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It’s normal to think that you can do it all. Well, what with all the technology we have today and the Internet, all the information you need is just a search away! Need to work on a DIY project? Check out YouTube. Need a quick breakfast fix? Search for a 5-minute easy recipe on Google. Got your sink clogged up so bad? Well, why not search up a fix-it-yourself video and get those arm muscles to work?

Bad idea. I’m telling you: That’s a very bad idea.

Many people tend to have this “superman complex” or the thinking that they’re able to do everything they set their minds to. Well, not that they’re wrong because I also think people have that kind of willpower. I also believe that anything is possible with hard work, dedication, and time. But that’s just it; there will simply be things you won’t be able to accomplish overnight. Here are some signs that you really think you’re some hero of a DC comic: https://www.inc.com/minda-zetlin/4-signs-you-have-a-superman-complex.html.

Some skills require more than just a YouTube video or an online how-to guide to learn. This is why thinking that you can do everything as long as you have the willingness to and the technology to guide you through it can be extremely perilous. You might end up with an even bigger problem than the one you had before.

For example, we have major plumbing issues. I don’t think any old YouTube video can help you with that one.

When Is A Plumbing Issue Considered Major?

Sinks, lavatories, and shower drainages will naturally clog overtime. You can do a lot of precautionary measures to ensure that it doesn’t happen but it will, sometimes sooner than later or vice versa. When it does happen, there are times that you can resolve the issue without any professional help.

A minor sink clog, for example, caused by the accumulation of food residues in the drain pipes can be solved using liquid Sosa or other homemade solutions (e.g. baking soda + white vinegar) that would be an equivalent for it. Letting the solution sit in your drain overnight or longer will usually solve a minor clog. It will liquify or dissolve whatever’s stuck on the pipes so that the next time you use the sink, water will flow down easily. Check this out for more tips.

However, not all clogs are so simple to fix. Sometimes, the remedy to the problem requires more than just some solution that you let sit for a night. There are problems that really call for professional intervention as in the case of something solid falling into your drain that’s causing the clog or when food and muck have accumulated and hardened a little too much for any simple solution to dissolve. When it comes to situations like this, opening up the pipes and scarping or removing whatever’s clogging the drainage system becomes necessary. Now, if you don’t know the first thing about plumbing, doing this yourself may cause even more problems.

This is the time you call for professional help.

Calling For An Emergency Plumber

Even if the problem hasn’t started yet, it’s good to acquaint yourself with a family plumber. This will really help you cut down the waiting time whenever a plumbing emergency happens. You should have your family plumber’s contact saved on your phone beforehand for immediate action. If you live in Virginia for instance, it would be wise to call a plumbing service in Fairfax VA.

For example (and trust me, this happens a lot of times in a year), your wedding ring accidentally falls down the drain. Instead of panicking and making things worse, the first thing you have to do is to contact your emergency plumber. Your pipes don’t really go straight down; there will be stops and turns there so if you’re lucky, your ring would be stuck somewhere. Do not try to retrieve it on your own. If it gets further down the drain, it’s game over.

Anyway, having an emergency plumber in your contacts is very helpful during times of extreme need. If your toilet overflows and floods the whole house because of a nasty clog, you’ll have someone to call right away. If your sink pipes don’t seem to hold out much longer because of a thick clog, you’ll have someone to call and immediately come to your aid. Plumbers are lifesavers. And if you have sinks and toilets at home (and of course you do), you should save their contact in advance.  

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this great information. I know that over the years we have had to use a plumber on several occasions.

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