Why Handmade Jewelry is Far Superior than Regular Jewelry

Why Handmade Jewelry is Far Superior than Regular Jewelry
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Jewelry is meant to be worn and admired. When giving such precious metal as a gift, it’s critical to consider that the person who will receive it would like to wear it. It should not just be something that you like. One of the best gifts you can give a loved one is something unique, special…and handmade.

When deciding on what jewelry to give, there are many considerations. Of course, the first may be budget. No matter how lovely it is, you don’t want to go into tremendous debt over a piece of jewelry. Look for warranties – Melbourne-based jewelry designer Simon West, for example, offers a lifetime warranty on his workmanship. Only 10% of the world’s rings, for example, are handmade. However, at Simon West Jewelry, each ring is 100% handmade.

A mass-market, chain jewelry shop in the mall will not be able to offer you the personalized services a boutique shop can. Not only can a designer work with you on a sketch (for something truly customized), to ensure you’ll get what you want. Visit Simon West’s website for more info about their collection.

If Simon West Jeweller’s customer-centric services appeals to you, you’ll be further gratified that a handmade ring features superior strength and durability, and weighs slightly heavier than one which is not.

Designers who create handmade jewelry have the luxury and artistic incentive to go out, find and purchase their own metals and gemstones. Their reputation is based on the quality of their work and they’re reliant on word-of-mouth. The big jewelry stores buy their wares in bulk, they don’t have the time or resources to hire a highly-skilled expert to do so – this means, quality may be affected.

Remember, that while it may seem like one of the large jewelry store chains can offer discount prices – lower than that of a custom craftsman – it’s imperative to realize that buying in bulk as they do will result in lower quality – it may seem like a bargain, but it’s not. A piece that you’ll purchase there will not have the same long-ranging value or reference.

There’s no better time to consider handmade and custom jewelry than when you’re ready to get married and plan to have a wedding ceremony and exchange rings. At Simon West Jewellers, for example, if you’re able to come into the shop, you can have a one-on-one consultation. Online, you’ll still be able to communicate with one of their jewelry experts.

You might want to know more about the Rings of Desire collection which is Simon West’s collection of unique custom wedding rings. It’s a gorgeous collection of a variety of designs – Simon West Jewellers are not the kind of company, which imposes its very specific aesthetic.

In the Simon West Rings of Desire collection, there’s such a variety of styles to choose and work-off from. You’re very likely to find something to suit you. You can get all precious metals – gold and platinum, as well as diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and other gemstones. You can choose something not only to suit your personality and personal style, but something vibrant and beautiful, something custom, and critically, handmade.

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