Why Hollywood is a Top LA Neighborhood

So, you’re thinking of moving to Hollywood — or you’re wondering why anyone would want to. Well, it turns out there are plenty of reasons behind Hollywood’s claim to fame as a top LA neighborhood. From the beautiful homes decorated by talented Los Angeles interior designers to the ethnically diverse population, there is a lot to look forward to in Hollywood.

Home on Sunset Plaza Drive

(1) Home Values Always on the Rise

According to Zillow, the median home value in Hollywood is $888,700 with house values going up by 10 percent in the past year. This translates into about $674 per square foot. In spite of this, Zillow ranks Hollywood as a buyers’ market. This means that despite the high prices, right now is a good time to get a good bargain, and then your home is likely to retain its value for years to come. Talk about a good investment!

Jason Schwartzman condo
Jason Schwartzman’s Condo for Sale

(2) Familiar Faces

When you live in Hollywood, not only will you brush shoulders with some familiar faces from the big screen, but you may also have a few as neighbors. This makes Hollywood a great place to network if you are a creative or work in an industry that benefits them, such as interior design.

Julie Benz walking her dogs in West Hollywood
Julie Benz walking her dogs in West Hollywood

(3) Dog Friendly

More than two-thirds of American households have pets. That said, if you love being able to take your dog everywhere you go, Hollywood is the perfect place to make that happen. You can take your dog to cafes, restaurants and even some gyms and yoga classes! This provides plenty of opportunities for your dog to be next to their favorite human, while cutting down on your need to hire dog walkers and schedule drop-ins when you have to be away from home all day.

hollywood nightlife

(4) Active NIghtlife

In case you’re searching for a Hollywood nightlife experience, visit Three Clubs. This dim, long-standing hangout highlights a menu of traditional cocktails just as an assortment of excitement, extending from vaudeville performances to live music.

There are a lot of eateries and numerous superb shopping outlets. Hollywood is likewise known for its dynamic nightlife. Those searching for a dynamic area with innumerable social choices will love Hollywood.

Besides an enthusiastic nightlife, Hollywood also has heaps of occasions happening amid the day, each and every day. From concerts to TV shows, visits, and premiers – something is continually occurring!

Hollywood’s occupants are regularly engaged with film, TV, and music. Spotting a showbiz celebrity is a regular happening because of the expansive number of high-profile people living and working in Hollywood.

Hollywood Sign from Runyon Canyon Trail
Hollywood Sign from Runyon Canyon Trail

(5) Natural Beauty

If you’re looking to grab the opportunity to associate with nature in the core of the city, visit Runyon Canyon. The park’s southern entrance is situated in Hollywood. Puppies are permitted off-rope in the park and a hike to the park’s highest most astounding elevation point, Indian Rock, delivers you with magnificent city views.

Hollywood High School East Side
Hollywood High School East Side

(6) Schools and Transportation

Famously, Hollywood is a luxurious part of the Los Angeles Unified School District and is home to schools like the Vine Street Elementary School and Hollywood High School.

Numerous occupants of Hollywood depend on brilliant public transportation choices as opposed to the utilization of a personal car. Some of the choices in the neighborhood include the Redline Subway, the Dash transport line, and the Star-line bus line. Since Hollywood is centrally located in L.A., it’s genuinely easy to get to most other territories of the city utilizing public transportation.

(7) Attraction for a New Generation

Hollywood has for quite some time been a world-renowned hub for aesthetic kinds and it continues drawing in young, electric crowds from various racial and ethnic backgrounds. If you want to enjoy cultural diversity and don’t mind the constant hullabaloo of the streets, this is unquestionably the spot to be.

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