Why My Partner and I Used Quarantined to Have a Better Relationship

The pandemic has affected those of us in quarantine in many ways. Some of us enjoy it while some loathe it. Some took up hobbies they’ve left off before the lockdown while others have acquired new ones. Those living alone may either be struggling or loving this time. Those quarantined indoors with their family may be enjoying the unlimited bonding moments or it could be driving them crazy.

As for my husband and I, we’ve used this time to better our relationship. We were doing fine before COVID19 hit, but being forced to stay indoors for long periods? It has been trying at times when I wanted to just boot him out of the house. Until we decided to embrace the situation and make the best of it. This is a historical event we are in the midst of experiencing. Might as well make the best of it!

Here’s what we did during the quarantine to help our relationship.

We made little decisions together

Usually, the task of buying new furniture automatically falls on me since I’m the home decor enthusiast between us two. This quarantine though, I thought of getting my partner’s input as well. We wanted to get a new bed for better comfort in the bedroom since our old one was on the verge of going out. I usually opt for the nicest-looking one that was on the cheaper side but my partner, being the buy-it-for-life kind of guy that he is, swayed my decision into buying an organic mattress.

couple shopping for mattress

Never in my lifetime would I have thought of buying it since I was raised to be thrifty but furniture shopping together with my partner has taught me that sometimes, it’s not about the price tag but the use you get out of an item. Little decisions like these, when made together, has allowed us to get to know each other’s preferences and make compromises.

We spent time away from each other

By that, I mean we had hours during the day where we would do our own thing and not bother each other. He’d be in the living room building something and I’d be in the bedroom reading a book or we would just nerd out on things we were interested in.

For some people, this can be seen as a sign of losing interest in the relationship. I see it as the complete opposite. When we’re able to have our alone time, I get the breathing room I need to be myself. We also retain our interest for each other because we get to discover new things in our alone time that we get to share when we are together. 

couple preparing meal in kitchen

We embraced slow living

On a typical day, my partner and I usually rush around the house ticking off one item from the to-do list after the other. During quarantine where there was no need to get ready for work, commute, or follow a strict schedule, we were able to practice mindfulness in our daily activities. I like to call it slow living. It’s simply being more aware of every single thing that you do whether it’s chopping vegetables for the next meal or folding the bed in the morning.

It made us realize how anxious we always felt before. It also made us ask ourselves, “What’s the rush?” I mean, really, what is the rush? Life is happening right now and it’s a joy to be able to soak in every moment. With slow living, we were able to embrace the mundane things we did daily during the quarantine. It also made us become more mindful of how we treated each other. We were less quick to react which meant fewer misunderstandings and fights.

In what ways have your relationships improved during this quarantine? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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