Why Shoulder Bags Will Always Remain in Fashion

A bag is one of the most useful accessories any woman can have. It serves a key purpose in being able to carry your much-needed items wherever you need to go. It can give us something to mess about with when we want to avoid eye contact with someone. And it also can take an outfit from basic to striking if you choose the right one.

Choosing the wrong one can be just as damaging. For example, a scruffy, casual rucksack would look cool with a grungy, ripped jeans style outfit but would destroy a pretty sundress. Or a bumbag would look funky for a festival but would ruin the professionalism of a suit. Taking a bag that won’t fit all your items in is pointless, and if you want to go crazy dancing but have opted for a clutch, you either have to risk leaving it somewhere or having all your moves subdued as you clamp your arm to your side.

So choosing wisely is very important when selecting which one. There is one type of bag in particular that has always been in fashion and will always remain that way thanks to its particular features, and that is the shoulder bag. These bags are so useful that it really is worthwhile investing as much as you can afford in one because quite simply, you will use and re-use these bags for years. Designer shoulder bags, for example, are not only high quality and therefore durable, they never go out of style either meaning the extra money you spend is well worth it because it will still look great into the next decade.

Let’s take a look at the features which keep these bags popular always…


Shoulder bags have been around since handbags became fashionable. They have been oversized, micro, slouchy, rigid, with short straps and long. They come in all manner of fabrics, plain, patterned and printed. They can blend in with the perfect outfit or stand out in stark contrast. They make a statement if you want them or are as neutral as you need them to be.


Carrying your bag on your shoulder usually means they keep all your personal and often expensive items right under your arm. It means that they are less likely to be pick-pocketed by the light of fingers and given they are often held with a hand too aren’t like to fall on the floor, spilling everything or even taken from you by an opportunistic passer-by.


These bags work in all manner of ways and for all types of events. They can carry all your essentials for a social outing, requiring only a small one. A big one can be used to carry shopping items instead of a plastic ‘bag for life’. Large, rigid ones are great for carrying workaround with you, and some can even fit a laptop in. There is a different type of shoulder bag to suit every outfit, and if you get the right designer bag, you’ll find it goes with much more than you ever thought possible too.

Investing in key pieces can seem a lot of money initially. But when you think about how long you’ll have it and how often you’ll use it, you’ll soon realize it is great value for money. So why not treat yourself today?

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