Why You Should Go Fishing With Your Kids

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Fishing is one of the popular pastimes in the world, with millions of people heading to lakes and rivers every year in search of fresh catches. But it is something that also offers a host of benefits. There are all sorts of reasons you should consider it and take your kids with you. 

It Helps To Boost The Local Economy

Believe it or not, a lot of local economies depend heavily on the fishing trade. Permits, tackle and bait all provide a steady source of income to keep shops, clubs, and local conservation areas in the black. So, by heading out to your local haunt and spending money, you’re helping to keep local businesses afloat. 

It Shows Them The Value Of Self-Fulfillment

These days, it is challenging to pry kids away from their technology and encourage them to get out into nature, but doing so is vital. They need to grow up with a sense that they can master both the digital AND the physical world.

Fishing, therefore, is a great way to get out into nature and help your kids experience a sense of self-fulfillment. Catching a fish isn’t easy. It requires patience, guile, and a lot of hard work. Fishing is an important life skill – something that you can use time and time again in the future for the benefits of others. Kids who learn this, therefore, can provide value to those around them. 

It Provides Health Benefits

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Fishing is a naturally relaxing and rewarding activity. And for that reason, it offers a host of benefits. Being outdoors usually encourages you to move more. Plus, you’re not at home, able to order junk food with your mobile phone whenever you like. You have to be patient, pack homemade food, and wait for your catch to arrive. 

Our son shown here has had ADHD since he was 4. Fishing and being outdoors with his dad did wonders to help calm him and give him a sense of accomplishment, which always had a positive effect on his outlook and mental health!

It Is Educational

Anyone can throw a line over the side of a boat and wait for a tug. But it takes a lot of learning to come back from a fishing expedition with plenty of fish in hand to show for your efforts. 

Fish won’t just take the bait automatically. Anglers often need to adopt smart techniques. They must consider the weather conditions, the time of year, and even the amount of silt in the water. 

It Teaches Them A Real Skill

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Fishing is a real skill. Not only do you need all of the equipment, but you must also understand how to use it. You can’t just buy products like Tailored Tackle’s fishing gear and expect them to do the work for you. You have to learn how to use them correctly. 

It Provides Them With A Thrill

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They say that good things come to those who wait, and that’s certainly true of people who fish with surf fishing rigs usually! Fishing helps to teach children the critical concept of “delaying gratification.” Sometimes you have to sit motionless for hours before a fish will finally take the bait. Unlike most things in the modern world, the reward from fishing isn’t instantaneous. And that makes it vital for kids growing up in a world that promises everything that you want right now. 

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  1. Sadly, too many kids are way too addicted to “being connected” at all times today. So why not get them outside with a fishing rod in hand? It will do them good to “disconnect” from technology and “connect” with a fish instead.

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