Why Your Home Is Not As Secure As You Think

Wanting to be safe in your own home is one of the most natural and instinctive needs and desires. It is therefore hugely important to make sure that you are allowing this to happen within your own home, no matter how hard it might be to ensure that you are. As it turns out, there are almost always things which you might have overlooked or which you would not have considered, which might be causing your home to be much less secure than you would hope it to be. In this article, we are going to look at some of these, so that you can hope to have a much more secure home in future, and therefore have a lot less worry in your life.

Items on Display

Items on Display

One of your biggest potential threats is always going to be burglars and those who want to break-in for whatever other reason. You therefore need to understand what it is that encourages a burglar to choose a particular home over another one. There might be many things, but one of the main ones is that if you have a lot of valuable items clearly on display from your windows – or in your yard – then you are bound to attract more burglars and other people of that nature to break in to your home. You should instead be sure to avoid having anything valuable or interesting easily on show, so that you are not accidentally enticing anyone to come and break in. Most break-ins are financially motivated, so removing this very specific kind of target is likely to drastically improve the security of your home.

Hidden Keys

‘Hidden’ Key

We have all done it: you need to go out somewhere when someone else needs to get in, and so you leave your house key under the doormat or a nearby plant pot. The truth is that this is one of the most dangerous things you can possibly do in terms of keeping your house secure. Most burglars know that this is a common practice, and will therefore look around nearby plant pots and so on to try and find your house key while you are out. So, make sure you are not doing this if you want to try and keep your house as safe and secure as possible. You will find that you make it much less likely that anyone will be able to break into your home, and that will certainly be worth it in the long run. If you do need to allow someone to be in while you are out, it is better to reorganize the time so that this can happen more effectively.

Broken Garage Door

When you are trying to protect your home, you need to think about every possible entrance into the property. One that is commonly overlooked for one reason or another is the garage, and yet this door can be one of the easiest ways in the building. From time to time garage doors also become broken, which is even worse for your security. If this happens to you, you should make sure not to leave it alone for too long, as you never know how quickly someone might figure out that they will be able to get into the house that way. Instead, be sure to seek out some professional garage door repair, so that you can continue to keep your home as safe and secure as you would like it to be. You need to think about all the possible entrances into the property if you are to remain safe always, so don’t overlook this major one.

Nobody Home?

Nobody Is Home

We all need to leave our homes empty from time to time – for example, when everyone in the house is on holiday together. But at these times your house is left unattended and is much more likely to be the victim of a break-in or similar. You should aim to make it look as though people are at home all the time, even when this is not the case. You can do this in several ways. One of the best is to treat yourself to a couple of timers which you can put on the sockets of your lights and even the TV. then, you can set it so that the lights come on and off – and the television turns on and off – throughout the day, making it appears there is someone there. These days, you can even get an application that makes your phone ring from time to time and appears to be answered by someone in the house. These small things will help you to make sure your home is not burgled while you are away.

Poor Location

Although there is not a lot you can do about this one, it is still worth bearing in mind so that you can consider the safety issue from all angles. Sometimes the reason that your home is not very secure is purely because you are in the kind of location where people tend to experience this kind of trouble. If that rings true for you, then the only step you can really take is to try and move away to a better area at some point – but that can be easier said than done. In the meantime, you can consider doing all the other things on your list to at least make your home as secure as possible.

Be Part of the Neighborhood

Being A Part of The Neighborhood

If you want to really do everything you can to keep your home safe, then you should also consider being a strong part of the neighborhood. Research has shown that those who are more an influential part of their neighborhood tend to have less likelihood of having their home broken into. For whatever reason this might b, it’s worth remembering if you are keen to keep your home secure. Try to get involved more and more in your local area, and you will be doing yourself several favors in one go.

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